How much is a garbage bag full of cans worth?

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Aluminum Recycling is a good option to generate some extra income or as many street scrap dealers do is to make a living with the sale of all kinds of scrap such as aluminum cans and other metals.

Well, to the question of how much weighs an Aluminum Can we have to comment that not all the cans of soft drinks or drinks are equal, but more or less so that you can get an idea have a weight of 15 Grams.

If you get together about 70 cans of soda you will have 1 Kilo of Aluminum, there is an urban legend where many people are keeping the rings of the cans to put them together and then sell them, from Vaciados Barcelona we have to explain that the price of the rings and the same can is the same because both are pure aluminum.

The Price of the Aluminum Cans is a little lower than the price of the Aluminum Profile that the scrap dealers pay it a little better, as you can see in this article the price of the Aluminum like all the metals changes daily, but more or less so that you can make an idea the price of the kilo of Aluminum in Cans of Drinks this in 0,80 Euros the Kilo, that is to say a can of aluminum is worth little more than 1 cent of euro.

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Glass, however, in many cities, is separated between dark and light glass (a wine bottle would be light and a beer bottle would be dark) Jars of jam and perfumes will also go here.

I would like to know where I can throw dye tubes, with and without ammonia, whole, unused…The little boxes in the cardboard one, the empty tubes, I think in the yellow one, but the full ones I think I shouldn’t throw them in the same container.

Hello, I am a physio and I would like to know if and where I can recycle the nitrile gloves that I sometimes use in the clinic to work…they are not contaminated, they are for hygienic-preventive use for acupuncture…thank you!

X-rays are composed of a plastic film with silver salts, which are a heavy metal and, if placed in the same container as normal urban garbage, can lead to further contamination.

Please do not put “organic waste” for various types of things, such as ceramics, because it confuses those of us who are looking for where to properly dispose of waste. Ceramics go in the waste container (gray bin with orange lid). If you can, please be more specific, because many times we throw things where we shouldn’t because it is difficult to find the right information. Thank you very much, anyway, for all the information collected on this website.

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Most citizens wonder, on numerous occasions, where to recycle some of their waste such as batteries, furniture, cardboard or what is the purpose of having several garbage bags at home. In the following report we will try to answer some of these frequently asked questions when it comes to recycling a product.

First of all, it is important to know that in order to recycle it is necessary to separate packaging and waste, the more the better, so that everything can be used and each material can be reused in something specific.

There are other wastes that, due to their characteristics, should be recycled in the clean points, which are spaces provided with containers where domestic wastes that should not be mixed with the rest should be transferred. These include, among others:

Batteries, accumulators and batteries should be deposited in special containers. Some of them have hazardous elements in their composition, so they must be treated specifically to avoid environmental contamination and health hazards:

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“Recycling is worthless, then they put it all together”. “I don’t have room in the kitchen to put so many bins”. “I already pay the garbage tax, let the administration recycle”, “I don’t have time to go and throw the bags in different places”. You may have heard some of these phrases from a friend, family member or acquaintance. You may even have said or thought them yourself on occasion to convince yourself that recycling is not that important.

Gigantic landfills If we were to stop recycling from one day to the next, we wouldn’t see much change in our lives, but we have to take into account that, on average, each individual generates 2 kilos of garbage per day. Currently the world’s population is almost 7.2 billion people, so if all the waste ended up in a landfill, it would mean that every day would add up to about 14 billion kilos of waste. So we would need huge tracts of land to use as landfills. In addition, when these “dumps” are overfilled, the surrounding land can be affected by the gases created by the decomposing material, such as carbon dioxide and methane.