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Recycling batteries does not seem like a good weekend plan. However, we should know that by doing so, we are helping not only the environment but also society. It is bad to accumulate used batteries at home, as they can explode and release toxic substances. The problem is that sometimes we do not know how to recycle and where to dispose of used batteries. We will tell you the basic rules of battery recycling.

Why is it important to recycle batteries?

Some people think that recycling is a waste of time and wonder: If I don’t separate every item I throw in the trash, why would I do it with batteries? Recycling batteries should be a habit, as they contain mercury, a chemical element that is poisonous and harmful to humans. This is why it is recommended to avoid contact with this material and learn to dispose of batteries correctly in recyclable garbage cans.

Where to dispose of batteries?

The most important part of battery recycling is to identify the type of battery we are going to dispose of. This will help us choose the best way to dispose of them. There are two options for this process:

– If the battery does not contain mercury, it can be disposed of with the household trash.
– If the battery contains mercury, we will need a specialized service such as recyclable garbage cans.

Old batteries usually contain mercury. With new batteries, the question arises: do they contain mercury or not? If you are not sure, don’t take the risk; recycle them.

Rechargeable batteries and car batteries are harmful to humans, which is why we should always recycle them, regardless of their date of creation.

Where do I dispose of batteries?

Recycle any rechargeable lithium, lithium-ion, and zinc-air batteries instead of throwing them away. Here’s how to dispose of batteries:

– Take them to an electronics store.
– Use one of Call2Recycle’s 34,000 battery drop-off sites.
– Purchase a mail-in recycling collection kit, such as the iRecycle Kit from Battery Solutions.

Battery and battery recycling

We already know that recycling used batteries is very important for the environment and for society. To do so, follow these simple steps:

1. Look for a recycling station in your city.
2. Dispose of your batteries in recyclable garbage cans. You will usually see a large bin full of batteries, and you can dispose of yours there.

Don’t know where there is a recycling station in your city? Some large supermarkets or home improvement stores often have recycling stations for used batteries. If you can’t find one, go to a landfill or check the municipality’s website to find that information also, if you want to learn about other ways to recycle and help the environment, click on this article about recycling at home.