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I recently purchased an item with this “do not throw in the trash” symbol. The package simply says not to put it in the trash can, but it doesn’t tell me what to do, what am I supposed to do with that, please help!!!!

Thanks for paying attention to the disposal information on your recent purchase! The “do not throw in the trash” symbol is an indication of a special category of hazardous materials called Universal Waste. These products contain materials that are very common, hence the name “universal”. Items in this category include fluorescent and halide light bulbs, pesticides, mercury thermometers and thermostats, household batteries, automotive/marine batteries, and lithium-ion batteries, to name a few.

The proper way to dispose of universal waste is to take it to a recycling center such as the Trash, Recycling, and Hazardous Materials Disposal Facility on Sun Street operated by Salinas Valley Recycles, or take it to the store where you purchased it. Stores like Best Buy accept up to three electronic items per day for free, regardless of where you purchased them. See our Household Hazardous Materials brochure for more details about safe hazardous waste disposal and a list of locations throughout the Salinas Valley that receive batteries. Thank you for doing your part to keep your home and the Salinas Valley safe from universal waste accidents!

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Although there are others that could be disposed of at home, it is best to recycle them at a special facility. In this regard, Republic Services recommends that they not be thrown in the trash or recycled at home. Proper recycling can preserve the planet.

On the other hand, improper disposal of any type of battery-powered electronic device can lead to fires. For example, in 2019, 343 fires were reported in Canada and the United States at waste and recycling facilities; fires that could easily have been prevented if recycled properly.

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If you have a vehicle to safely haul your trash, yard waste or recycling to a drop-off center, that may be the most convenient option. Check rates online or call ahead to ask what they accept and how much it will cost to dispose of your trash or other waste.

-Tualatin Valley Waste Recovery – Tualatin Valley Waste Recovery Center, located next to the Hillsboro landfill. Accepts garbage, yard waste and recycling. | 503-640-9427 | 3205 SE Minter Bridge Rd, Hillsboro, 97123

Your garbage and recycling service may be delayed or postponed on days when severe weather alerts or other adverse conditions are in effect. In these cases, service change alerts will be posted in real-time on Garbage & Recycling Day in the app and online version.

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To properly dispose of used oils or filters from the maintenance of cars, trucks, lawn and garden equipment, and recreational vehicles, contact your local recycling coordinator for information on services available where you live. If the municipality does not receive oils and filters, check with a local service station to find out if they do.

If your carpets and rugs are in good condition and still usable, consider donating them to a non-profit thrift store or take them to a building materials collection center for reuse. Otherwise, contact your local recycling coordinator to find out how they dispose of old and used carpet in your community.

Food scraps can be put into home compost. Click here to learn about composting or look for innovative programs that come to your home to collect food scraps. They are also available at some municipal transfer stations. Call your local recycling coordinator to learn about more options available in your community.