How much is plastic scrap worth?

Scrap metal price per kilo in mexico 2021

Stories of the actors in the recycling chain in Barranquilla. From white paper to cardboard, PET, regular plastic, packaging, batteries and used cooking oil, everything has its price.

“My gold is copper and the paper file that is discarded in the offices (…), the notebooks,” explains Martínez as he shakes his hands after unloading several kilos of materials. His appearance is haggard. For the sun he wears an umbrella-hat, shorts, shirt and tennis shoes. Everything is worn.

“I work looking in the Triple A (cleaning company) containers, but the door of the banks is where we find our money, there is the archival paper, the paper that is discarded,” he says and explains that when they walk the most is because “the pod is critical; otherwise one analyzes where the pulp (the material) can be and goes to the fixed one”.

John wears workman’s boots with corroded tips, and wears Bermuda shorts that look too big for his size, which he ties with a worn-out belt. He says he has a wife, who is just as “crazy” as he is.

Aluminum price per kilo

August has seen an increase in plastic scrap bale prices. Recovered PET and HDPE bales have increased in value this month, while natural HDPE has reached another record high for the U.S. market.

The national average price for PET beverage bottles and jars rose 7% from last month and now averages 25.31 cents per pound, up from 23.55 cents per pound last month. Some regions are trading as high as 30.00 cents per pound. Premium California bales are still trading in the 35.00 to 38.00 cents per pound range.

It should be noted that these prices are what is reported in the secondary materials price index (SMP). This price represents what is paid for post-consumer recyclables in a sorted and baled format, collected at most major recycling centers.

How much do you pay per kilo of scrap metal 2020?

If you have a lot of plastic boxes it is best to try to sell them so that someone can use them and not sell them as weight as their value is much lower than what is paid to continue using the boxes.

If you have plastic and you want to sell it there are waste managers that buy it by weight, you can visit our article of Companies that Sell plastic in Barcelona as many of them also buy the plastic.

We are interested in doing a project where we need plastic caps and bottles, if you have a quantity of caps or bottles and want to sell them maybe we are interested in buying them for subsequent washing and shredding.

We want to try to undertake a new project where we need a large amount of clean and shredded plastic to make plastic bricks to make houses with recycled plastic.

If you are interested in participating in this project with your help or capital contact us to find some form of collaboration, right now we have the desire, some material, space and some capital, but we lack time and more people to do something with the plastic we throw away.

How much does a kilo of aluminum cans cost? 2021

MEXICO CITY (20/MAY/2015).- Recycling is easier than it seems and there are good opportunities to sell those products that you have at home, that you do not occupy, that no longer serve you and that instead of throwing in the trash, you can kill two birds with one stone, or even three, you vacate space, earn a little extra money and also help the environment.

recycle and reuse. We are sure that every day you buy a plastic bottle, water, soda, shampoo or something made of glass; in your office you have dead paper, you buy magazines and beauty or clothing catalogs or you keep cardboard, the one from cereal boxes, the one from the television.

1) Paper. The price of white paper that has already been used is one of the best paid with an approximate of 2.50 or 3 pesos per kilogram. For each ton of recycled paper, 17 trees are saved and 28 thousand liters of water are saved. The paper you bring must be dry and free of mold.

2) Newspaper. Newspaper is one of those that are not so well paid, but if you collect enough you will get a good amount. A kilo can be purchased for 1.50. Recycling a ton of newspaper saves about a ton of wood.