What are the most profitable things to recycle?

Innovative recycling ideas

10 Products to recycle better paid Recycling is easier than it seems and there are good opportunities to sell those products that you have at home, that you don’t use, that no longer serve you and that instead of throwing in the trash, you can take advantage of them, since you vacate space, earn a little extra money and also help the environment. Believe it or not, one of the main steps to help the environment is to recycle and reuse, we are sure that every day you buy a plastic bottle, water, soda, shampoo or something made of glass; in your office you have dead paper, you buy magazines and beauty or clothing catalogs or you keep cardboard, cereal boxes, the one from the television.

1) Paper. The price of white paper that has already been used is one of the best paid with an approximate of 2.50 or 3 pesos per kilogram. For each ton of recycled paper, 17 trees are saved and 28 thousand liters of water are saved. The paper you bring must be dry and free of mold.

2) Newspaper. Newspaper is one of those that are not so well paid, but if you collect enough you will get a good amount. A kilo can be purchased for 1.50. Recycling a ton of newspaper saves about a ton of wood.

Recycling entrepreneurship ideas

The future of our planet, as well as of our society, depends on a clear commitment to recycling and proper management of our waste. In addition to being necessary, recycling companies are a source of opportunities to create wealth and employment.

Therefore, recycling can become a great benefit for the community and the environment. Some may consider it a fad, but it is becoming so popular that even schools are promoting practices such as reusing materials and reducing waste.

Requirements to create a recycling company in mexico

Sustainability is becoming more and more present in our society. People are becoming more aware and their concern for the destination of waste and garbage is increasing. In the same way, opportunities to work in this area are growing. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a recycling company.

The most important decision before setting up a recycling company is to decide what the raw material will be: corrugated and office paper, tires, PET bottles, plastic bottles, film and rigid plastic are the main options.

In short, you must evaluate whether the raw material offers the possibility of maintaining a minimum stock to serve customers, whether it will have high rotation so as not to accumulate and how much time will be spent between the customer’s order and delivery.

The next step is to decide the location, which should be in accordance with the raw material chosen.    For example, in office paper recycling, an area of at least 1,000 square meters is recommended. In tire recycling, at least 700 square meters.

Three business ideas with recyclable materials

More and more the issue of sustainability is present in our society. Little by little, people are becoming aware and concerned about the fate of waste and garbage. Thus increasing the opportunities to work in this sector.

So, with this in mind, here is a step by step guide on how to start a recycling business, so you can turn this big problem into a financial blessing, read on.

The most important decision to be made before setting up a recycling business is the choice of the raw material to be handled. Papers, tires, plastic bottles and rigid plastic bottles are the main options.

A recycling business should be located in an easily accessible area, preferably near the collectors that deliver the raw material to be recycled. So, position yourself close to the collectors that take the raw material for recycling, otherwise, it would generate a cost for them.