What numbers can be recycled Columbus Ohio?

Where can I sell plastic bottles for recycling

Bring us your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals and collect lots of cash. Steel, Aluminum, Copper Tubes, Copper Wires, Brass, Circuit Boards and many other types of metals you can recycle for cash.

Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions by significantly saving the amount of energy needed to manufacture the products we buy, build and use. The energy saved by recycling can then be used for other purposes such as heating our homes and powering our cars.

Selling copper price

MEXICO CITY (20/MAY/2015).- Recycling is easier than it seems and there are good opportunities to sell those products that you have at home, that you do not occupy, that no longer serve you and that instead of throwing in the trash, you can kill two birds with one stone, or even three, you vacate space, earn a little extra money and also help the environment.

recycle and reuse. We are sure that every day you buy a plastic bottle, water, soda, shampoo or something made of glass; in your office you have dead paper, you buy magazines and beauty or clothing catalogs or you keep cardboard, the one from cereal boxes, the one from the television.

1) Paper. The price of white paper that has already been used is one of the best paid with an approximate of 2.50 or 3 pesos per kilogram. For each ton of recycled paper, 17 trees are saved and 28 thousand liters of water are saved. The paper you bring must be dry and free of mold.

2) Newspaper. Newspaper is one of those that are not so well paid, but if you collect enough you will get a good amount. A kilo can be purchased for 1.50. Recycling a ton of newspaper saves about a ton of wood.

Metal Recycling

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Where can I sell aluminum

On average, a consumer takes less than 10 pounds a day to recycle. “If someone takes 100 pounds per transaction and the centers are suddenly getting thousands of pounds a day, that raises red flags,” Klug adds.

Some places pay as much as $1.20 per pound for plastic bottles, but certainly one of the things that pays the most is aluminum: $2.00 per pound. As a result, more and more people are trying to get their hands on more containers at parties, on the streets and even in dumpsters.

A five-month investigation revealed that the men used 18 storage bins in South Gate to bring containers from Arizona, a state that does not pay CRV on bottles, to bring them to California so they could collect the California rebate.