Why is it important to recycle paper?

What is paper recycling

Recycling is one of the simplest and most rewarding daily activities that we can carry out. So much so that any member of the family can participate, even the youngest members of the household.    Encourage your sons and daughters to practice it, learning and fun go hand in hand!

All the cities in our country provide us with containers where we can introduce every kind of waste, whether it is organic, paper, plastic or glass. There are also clean points where you can bring objects such as electrical appliances or wood.

On the other hand, you can place containers in your house to facilitate the correct recycling of the products consumed and help to develop a correct education in the whole family, as well as a change of conscience in the people who are around us.

In this way we will save an important amount of natural resources and we will conserve, among other things, our forests, the so-called lungs of the planet, whose work is fundamental to decontaminate the environment.

Paper and cardboard recycling

Initially, its use was limited. However, what Ts’ai Lun, to whom the invention is attributed, never thought was that over the centuries it would become one of the elements of daily use throughout the world. Let’s learn about its origins, its uses and how we can contribute, with its consumption, to preserve our environment!

Its use is so widespread that we are now talking about strategies for its proper use and reuse, because we must not forget that its production depends mainly on wood obtained from trees.

Centuries of history are condensed in that sheet of paper that you have on your desk every day. Much has happened since the time of Ts’ai Lun. That’s why now, faced with such serious environmental challenges as deforestation and climate change, it’s best to make the most of it. Your impact is much greater than you imagine!

Trees play a decisive role in the earth’s equilibrium. Thanks to them, the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) circulating in the air are reduced, which is, let’s remember, the most harmful greenhouse gas.

Why it is important to recycle

To recycle paper and cardboard, the first thing to do is to collect it. This is done through the blue garbage can, which is the one destined for this type of waste. Later, this waste is collected by local garbage trucks and transported to a recycling center, where the actual recycling process will begin:In fact, because there are certain impurities that cannot be removed, it is common to see recycled paper in uses that do not require a very fine finish, such as toilet paper, napkin paper or wrapping cartons. However, through the use of new treatments, it is also possible to obtain high quality recycled paper, which can be used, for example, in the manufacture of foils.

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Paper recycling for children

As part of a circular economy, which contributes to the conservation of our resources and benefits the environment and society, recycling is important. But why recycle cardboard boxes and what impact can this practice have on society, and the world we live in?

Paper and cardboard are products that can be reused up to 7 times. By following this practice, instead of producing for disposal, we are avoiding deforestation, as well as the unnecessary accumulation of garbage. In this way, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

Another interesting figure regarding the recycling of cardboard boxes is that by recycling each ton of cardboard boxes, 140 liters of oil are saved. This is important because it reduces the economic dependence on this substance.