What are the pros and cons of recycling paper?

What are the benefits of paper

Caring for and helping the environment is very important in order to preserve it and avoid the catastrophic consequences of climate change. For this reason, we must opt for options that do not pollute and help us to take care of it and paper bags are the most suitable for this task.

Products made with paper such as our bags, after being used, enter the recycling wheel, thus optimizing the use of this natural resource. Thus, many of our references are bags made with recycled paper, both 80% and 100%.

And that’s not all…. another advantage of paper is that it will help you promote your business brand. How? By customizing it with the logo of your business. This way, everyone who sees the printed paper bags will be seeing the image of your business and will help to make it known. Not only those who enter your store will see them, but also people who come across someone carrying it. It’s a way to remind people of your brand in a positive way. It will also generate more desire to buy from your customers because of the way it looks.

Disadvantages of not recycling

As part of a circular economy, which contributes to the conservation of our resources and benefits the environment and society, recycling is important. But why recycle cardboard boxes and what impact can this practice have on society, and the world we live in?

Paper and cardboard are products that can be reused up to 7 times. By following this practice, instead of producing for disposal, we are avoiding deforestation, as well as the unnecessary accumulation of garbage. In this way, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

Another interesting figure regarding the recycling of cardboard boxes is that by recycling each ton of cardboard boxes, 140 liters of oil are saved. This is important because it reduces the economic dependence on this substance.

Disadvantages of paper on the environment

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Advantages and disadvantages of paper

If we take our country as an example, the tendency is that the generation of waste per inhabitant continues to increase, with the exception of some communities. The rapid pace of urban expansion, the increase in the world’s population and the constant economic development are factors that cause waste generation to increase. Hence, to achieve recycling goals, information is vital. Consumers need to know how to recycle and in which recycling garbage can to place their waste.

Each container is made to hold specific waste. The recycling garbage cans that currently exist and are the best known are identified with the colors yellow, green, blue and gray respectively. There is also an orange and a white container.

In addition to facilitating a more comprehensive separation of waste, the habit of depositing waste in the containers benefits the conservation of the environment and guarantees a saving of resources in waste management.