How to recycle cardboard in Madison, Wisconsin (Wi)?

Nowadays, in practically any country in the world, continuous purchases through the Internet have generated an excessive production of cardboard. Keep in mind that this material is considered the most economical and ideal for the safe packaging and transportation of any type of product. However, the uncontrolled production of cardboard without proper recycling standards leads to environmental pollution.

However, as mentioned above, most cities around the world are continuously implementing laws that promote the creation of recycling companies. Such is the case of the city of Madison in Wisconsin (Wi) USA. Here they have implemented multiple processes that promote recycling. That is why, in this post, we will tell you the most important aspects of how to recycle cardboard in Madison.

Benefits of Cardboard Recycling in Madison, Wisconsin (Wi)

Before learning about how to recycle cardboard in Madison, it will be necessary to know the most outstanding benefits that this recycling process entails. Therefore, the main ones will be mentioned below:

  • For every ton of cardboard that is recycled, an average of nine hundred kilograms of recycled material can be obtained.

bales of recycled cardboard boxes

  • It considerably lengthens the life of landfills, since it frees approximately two to three cubic meters in such areas. Due to the reduction of such waste.
  • It saves more than 100 liters of oil and more than fifty thousand liters of water. In other words, it saves sufficient amounts of energy resources.
  • Generates sufficient jobs for the citizens of the City of Madison who require employment.
  • It avoids considerably the massive emission of carbon dioxide to the environment thanks to recycling.

In this sense, as you can see, it will always be better to recycle cardboard than to produce it from raw materials. Remember that this process will reduce the number of trees that would have to be cut down to create paper. Don’t forget that both cardboard and paper are obtained mainly from the cellulose of trees. Therefore, just to emphasize, for every ton of cardboard that can be recycled, approximately 20 trees will not have to be cut down.

How to recycle cardboard in Madison, Wisconsin (Wi)

Below, you will learn in a simple and practical way the general process that any business in Madison, Wisconsin (Wi) will need to carry out to recycle cardboard. So:

  • Firstly, a sufficient amount of cardboard will have to be collected inside the blue garbage cans scattered at different points in the city of Madison.
  • Then, this material will be collected and transported to the plant specialized in the recycling process.

  • When the cardboard waste enters the plant, the cardboard will be weighed and certain data will be recorded. For example, the date of entry of the material, its origin, and a registration code will be assigned.
  • The waste cardboard will now be stored according to its origin. This will prevent the mixing of materials of different qualities.

Cardboard in a green recycling bin

  • At this point, the process of eliminating any impurities that the cardboard may have will begin. For example, remains of sand, glass or other types of materials.
  • Once these impurities have been removed, the cardboard must be shredded and cut to reduce its size.
  • The cardboard is then pressed and transferred for plasticization. Here, certain chemicals will be included to separate most of the paper fibers from the waste.

Stacked bales of recycled cardboard

  • Afterwards, the screening of the cardboard will begin, passing through centrifugation and shredding with water until a uniform mass is obtained.
  • At the end of the previous step, the resulting material will be sorted. Then, this material will be nothing more than the fiber generated in long cellulose produced by the cardboard waste.
  • Finally, the cellulose obtained can be transformed into the new products that the recycling company has stipulated for this purpose.

Top cardboard recycling alternatives in Madison, Wisconsin (Wi)

Currently, in the USA, specifically in Madison, Wisconsin (Wi) there are multiple alternatives that allow the recycling of cardboard waste. That is why, below, you will know the main ones. Then:

Blue garbage can or depository

In the city of Madison, there are several types of containers which are classified according to the type of waste material that could be stored. In the case of cardboard in particular, blue garbage cans are available. These containers are designed to store waste products made exclusively of cardboard or paper.

In this sense, the citizens of Madison have the possibility of going to the nearest container to their homes and depositing their cardboard waste. Once the waste has been collected by the company in charge, the aforementioned recycling process will begin in order to create cardboard or paper again.

Clean points or zones

Another efficient alternative used today in Madison for cardboard recycling is for citizens to take their cardboard waste directly to the so-called clean points or clean zones. These spaces, sometimes also known as green points, are also ideal for storing cardboard waste before it is processed for recycling.


This alternative is very similar to the clean areas, since they are places in the city of Madison to make the corresponding deposits of cardboard. However, these sites can store large quantities of cardboard waste and other recyclable materials.

Organizer Boxes

Other alternatives for cardboard recycling are with ingenious alternatives within the home itself. For example, if you need to organize the different elements of your home, you can create personalized boxes with cardboard scraps that will allow you to organize almost anything you want. In this way, you will be giving a second use to this type of material.

Cardboard lamps

If you want to be a little more creative, an excellent option for your cardboard scraps is to use them as elements for the construction of lamps. With this, you will contribute to the environment from a more ecological perspective.

In conclusion, do not think twice, contribute with your grain of sand in the maintenance of the environment of the city of Madison. Remember that you can also visit the following blog, where you can find other topics of current interest related to the recycling processes of various types of materials.