How to recycle metal halide bulbs?

Today, it is well known to most people that metal halide bulbs generate very high intensity light with pleasing energy efficiency. However, these elements contain mercury, which is a chemical element highly toxic and harmful to both the environment and human beings.

Now, one of the alternatives created by companies to minimize the environmental impact of toxic waste produced by these bulbs is based on the creation of effective recycling methods. Therefore, in this post, learn how to efficiently recycle metal halide bulbs if you reside in the USA.

Why recycle metal halide bulbs in the USA?

Scientists have proven that people who are exposed to very high levels of mercury will have permanent kidney, brain, and digestive system damage. However, exposure to small amounts of mercury may cause neurological damage at various levels.

According to the above mentioned, companies in the USA have dedicated themselves to establish efficient recycling procedures for mercury-containing elements. This is with the idea of slowing down to a certain extent the increase of toxic waste that directly affects the environment and any living being. Don’t forget that the mercury that manages to escape into the environment generally concentrates through the food chain, which causes a myriad of side effects to the people who consume them.

One of the products currently still sold with mercury are metal halide light bulbs. In addition, in the vast majority of homes and in those with old electrical installations, there are still usually light bulbs of this type. For this reason, certain companies have been concerned and committed to their correct recycling in order to reduce these toxic effects.

Procedure carried out by a company to recycle metal halide bulbs

All companies have different recycling procedures for metal halide bulbs. However, they share certain actions. Therefore, below, you will learn in a general way the procedure that a company in the USA should carry out to recycle metal halide light bulbs. Then:

  • After storing enough bulbs in the collection centers intended for this purpose, they are transferred to the plant where they will be processed.

  • Once the metal halide bulbs are in the plant, all the components must be separated and classified according to their material composition.
  • Once the separation and selection of materials has been completed, each one of them will be distributed for further specific treatment and subsequent reuse.
  • At this point the process will vary according to the material, for example:
    • For heavy metals, they will be distilled and then stored in certain containers.
    • Plastic parts will be subjected to polymer treatment processes.
    • In the case of glass, they are usually processed with techniques for working cement, ceramics and other glass.
    • Metals, however, will be subjected to smelting.

In short, all processed materials will be used to create new environmentally friendly products.

Where are metal halide bulbs recycled?

Many people in the USA and other parts of the world tend to think that light bulbs should be recycled in glass depots. However, it is necessary to know that there are specific depots where metal halide bulbs should be stored due to their variety of elements. Among them, the following alternatives stand out:

  • Urban eco-parks or mixed recycling areas: In these sites, citizens will be able to find certain deposits or containers with their indications of how metal halide bulbs should be deposited.
  • Electrical and electronic equipment repair stores: In all the states of North America, there are countless hardware stores and stores. Today, most of these stores offer the ability to recycle metal halide bulbs, making it much easier to recycle them later.

  • Community garbage cans for light bulbs: In certain residential areas of the United States of America, containers are located where only metal halide bulbs can be deposited.
  • Establish home collection contracts: There are companies that offer the service of collecting metal halide bulbs directly at the residence of the person requesting the service.

Other practical alternatives for recycling metal halide bulbs

In addition to the options mentioned above, there are also ways to recycle metal halide bulbs. Then:

By using the internet

Another alternative for recycling metal halide bulbs consists of interacting with websites of companies dedicated to it. In this sense, one of the most used corresponds to the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA, to make use of it you will only have to follow the following steps:

  • From any computer with stable internet, you must enter the official website of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Once in the web page, locate the interactive map of the USA.
  • Then, select the item “Where you live” where you will indicate your current address. This action allows you to see on the map all the sites enabled to recycle metal halide bulbs near your residence.
  • Finally, choose the recycling center of your convenience, go to it and deposit the metal halide bulbs you would like to dispose of.

Creating decorative elements or tools

If you wish, you can also create decorative elements or tools with your unused metal halide bulbs. This way, you can reuse them with creative and totally personalized ideas for your own well-being and that of your whole family. Among the most outstanding ideas, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • By removing their internal elements and using them as spice racks or decorative hanging elements.

  • Transforming them into useful ornaments with personalized motifs.
  • Generating homemade alcohol lamps, among others.

Benefits of recycling metal halide bulbs in the U.S.

There is no doubt that recycling metal halide bulbs generates multiple advantages. Therefore, the following are the main ones:

Substantial savings of various raw materials

This type of lighting products are totally recyclable. That is to say, all their components can be used, which means a substantial saving of raw materials in the production of new products.

Improvements in household economy

The use of recycled metal halide bulbs nowadays offers better performance in terms of efficient energy consumption, which allows reducing electrical and economic consumption throughout the home. Even these lighting products tend to have greater durability.

Reduced use of fossil fuels

Among the energy benefits obtained by companies when using recycled materials is the reduction in the use of fuel elements used in the process of creating these lighting products.

Finally, as you will see, you already know the different options to correctly recycle metal halide bulbs in the USA, which could be really useful for you. Also, if you liked this post, be sure to click on the following blog, which contains multiple information related to recycling today.