How much scrap metal per kg

If you have scrap metal in your house, and you don’t know what to do with it, you should know that you can earn good money selling it. Generally, scrap metal is considered to be all those metal objects and materials that are no longer useful, but can be reused.

The price of scrap varies according to supply and demand. It is also priced according to the type of metal the object is made of. If you want to know how much scrap metal per kg, keep reading this article, where all your doubts will be cleared.

What is considered scrap metal

The term scrap refers to a number of old objects or materials that can be recycled. However, not everything old is considered scrap, therefore, it is necessary to really know what items can be sold as scrap.

Likewise, it is essential to know what the scrap is made of, because prices may vary according to its composition. Besides, at the moment of selling it, you will have to separate it according to the type of material to be able to weigh it.

Below, you will see the light and heavy materials that are considered scrap in any part of the world:

  • Old iron. Iron is one of the elements that can be best recycled. It is possible to find in the home many iron objects that instead of throwing them in the trash can be sold as scrap.
  • Stainless steel. This is another of the most common metals you can find. The refrigerator, microwave, washing machine and many other items are made of stainless steel. Certainly, being such a common material, its purchase price is relatively low, but you can always make a profit.
  • Aluminum. This metal derivative is one of the most profitable for scrap. It is well valued and can be found almost anywhere. Soda cans, beer cans, juice cans, etc. are made of aluminum and can be recycled. As well as many other household items that are made of aluminum.
  • Copper. The sale of copper as scrap material has an excellent price per weight ratio. It is also in great demand and can be found in old wiring, pipes and sinks.
  • Lead. Nowadays getting this material is really rare, however, you can get it in antiques. Lead recycling can also generate good extra income.

How much scrap metal costs per kg

The system that governs the price of scrap metal is very similar to the system that governs the price of oil. That is, it is quoted on a daily basis and even on a stock exchange.

The London Metal Exchange is one of the most recognized entities for quoting scrap metal prices. In fact, it is used worldwide and is used as a standard for setting local scrap prices.

Below you will see a list of the most common scrap metal and its approximate price for the day, remember that it varies according to supply and demand.

  • Copper. This material is priced at $6.10 per kilogram.
  • Hand stripped copper wire. Sells for $6.75 per kilogram.
  • Antique brass. This metal is priced at $3.75 per kilogram.
  • Antique bronze. It is currently priced at $4.35 per kilogram.
  • Antique lead. This second-hand material sells for $1.35 per kilogram.
  • Antique aluminum. For the sale of this metal, you can get up to 0.90 dollars per kilogram.
  • Old zinc. It is possible to obtain up to 1.75 dollars per kilogram of recycled zinc.
  • Stainless steel. This metal is traded at $1.00 per kilogram.
  • Old battery. This equipment can be sold at 0.55 dollars per kilogram.
  • Old electric motors. These devices sell for $0.35 per kilogram.
  • Car wiring harnesses. For these parts, it is possible to get up to $2.35 per kilogram.
  • Old transformer blocks. These parts sell for US$0.30 per kilogram.
  • Aluminum rims. These aluminum parts sell for $1.65 per kilogram.
  • Iron sand. This material is priced at $0.16 per kilogram.
  • Ground wire. This type of cable can sell for $0.65 per kilogram.

Why scrap metal is valuable

It is common to see all the scrap accumulated and wonder if it is waste material, why is it so valuable? The truth is that many of the materials scrap is made of are metals and are not renewable.

Also, sometimes the raw material of scrap once it is processed is of the same quality as virgin raw material. But, the difference is that the raw material obtained from scrap is much cheaper.

Also, scrap can be recycled in many opportunities, which allows reusing many times waste materials. Generally, the quality of products made from recycled scrap is equal to objects made from virgin metals.

Certainly, on an economic level, it is very beneficial for companies to use scrap material to obtain raw materials. However, this is not the full benefit of using scrap.

On the other hand, using scrap contributes to a worldwide waste reduction. Therefore, it is a good practice to recycle these waste materials.

Also, recycling scrap saves energy and many materials that are used in the process of obtaining metals. All this has a positive impact on the planet and helps to avoid climate change. It also helps to reduce the exploitation of natural sources of metals.

As you can see, scrap metal is very valuable and its use benefits both companies and people who are dedicated to its recycling. If you found this article on how much scrap metal per kg useful as a guide, and you were able to clear your doubts, we ask you to follow our blog. In you can find many more topics about recycling so that you can cultivate an ecological conscience and contribute to reduce climate change.