Where to recycle cardboard in Greenwood, Indiana?

Nowadays, recycling is one of the best alternatives used by most companies in the world to reduce the volume of solid waste generated by people. Therefore, if you are currently residing in Greenwood, Indiana, this post is for you, as you will soon learn about the best companies that provide cardboard recycling in Greenwood, Indiana.

Benefits of Recycling Cardboard in Greenwood, Indiana

Before learning about the best cardboard recycling companies in Greenwood, Indiana, it is important for you to know that cardboard recycling provides multiple benefits to everyone involved in the process (including those who do not help with the task).

Therefore, first of all, you will learn about the fundamental benefits and advantages of recycling cardboard in Greenwood, Indiana. So:

Significant decrease in tree cutting

Recycling cardboard will not require as many raw materials for the creation of products. This will allow the conservation of trees needed to decontaminate the surrounding environment for a longer period of time.

Enables the creation of environmentally friendly products

The cyclical process of cardboard recycling will make it possible to create new, more resistant and less polluting products that are totally ecological. Keep in mind that the useful life of these new products will certainly be longer than other common products made in the traditional way.

Increased job opportunities

The entire cardboard recycling process implemented by companies in Greenwood, Indiana requires a wide range of workers in various areas. This means an increase in job openings in the state, which allows the quality of life of multiple multifamily households to be expanded.

Strong community environmental awareness is created

Most companies that recycle cardboard in Greenwood, Indiana tend to consistently create campaigns that promote participating in the recycling process. As a result, massive publicity events are responsibly generated in favor of collective recycling.

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Fighting climate change and saving energy

  • Recycling cardboard reduces all the work involved in the extraction, transfer, and handling of raw materials, which leads to a considerable reduction in the use of the energy required to carry out this type of process.
  • Due to the lower energy consumption, less carbon dioxide is generated. Therefore, this means that recycling from every home and company helps the planet and contributes to the fight against climate change.
  • Less pollution is generated in the atmosphere. Scientific studies ratify that the continuous recycling process improves the air quality of the communities and therefore the health of its inhabitants. In other words, all this leads to better respiratory and cardiovascular health of its citizens.

Top ten recycling center in Greenwood, Indiana

Now, you probably know that in the United States of America there are a large number of companies dedicated to the recycling of cardboard and other materials. However, knowing their current addresses is often complicated for some people. That is why, below you will learn about the top recycling centers if you are residing in Greenwood, Indiana. Then:

  • Junk King Greenwood. Current address: 7382 N 200th E Ste B Whiteland, IN 46184, USA.
  • Rock Tenn Recycling. Current address: 1775 S West St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA.
  • Lighting Resources. Current address: 498 Park 800 Dr, Greenwood, IN 46143, USA.
  • South Side Landfill. Current address: 2561 Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46221, USA.
  • Newman Recycling. Current address: 8095 E Old State Rd 144 Mooresville, IN 46158, USA.
  • Crossroads Recycling. Current address: 100 Eastview Dr, Franklin, IN 46131, USA.
  • Citizens Transfer Station. Current address: 2324 S Belmont Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46221, USA.
  • Cascade Asset Management. Current address: 5125 Decatur Blvd Ste F Indianapolis, IN 46241, USA.
  • Ray’s Trash Service. Current address: 3434 S Harding St, Indianapolis, IN 46217, USA.
  • Cardboard Recycling. Current address: 681 Forest Ave, Greenwood, IN 46143, USA.
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The aim of all these companies is to establish an optimal process that allows the reuse of discarded cardboard materials, which allows the production of other products. However, this will not be enough. That is to say, it will also be essential that all people become aware and take care of the environment in which they live, since small actions will undoubtedly contribute to future ecological changes.

In summary, in order for the city of Greenwood in Indiana to be successful in the area of recycling, it will have to create new structures to promote it. In addition, it will have to provide better and better information and education systems to its residents.

Recommendations and tips for recycling cardboard in Greenwood, Indiana

Whichever company you choose to take your cardboard waste and contribute to the recycling process in your community, there are certain recommendations you should keep in mind that could be of great use to you. These are as follows:

  • Any type of cardboard should be spotless of any residue it may have. This will prevent the spread of multiple diseases and contamination of other recyclable materials.
  • This type of material (cardboard must be completely dry) and free of food residues. For example, the shoe boxes, pizza boxes and the like. If such boxes have an excess of other material attached to them, they cannot be recycled and may contaminate other recyclable material.
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  • Any cardboard boxes to be recycled should be completely disassembled. This will expedite the recycling process at the plant.
  • The cartons that will be deposited for later recycling should be placed without plastic bags. Since these materials cannot be recycled together, there are other containers and companies dedicated to recycling plastic.
  • Never leave the cardboard to be recycled outside the containers designated for this purpose, since these could be contaminated with other substances and would not be suitable for such process.
  • Keep in mind that dumping or dumping materials other than cardboard in the designated containers could result in fines and penalties of thousands of dollars. Therefore, it would be better to comply with the indications that the recycling companies themselves disseminate.

Get active! If you reside in Greenwood, Indiana, you already know where to recycle cardboard, which, will benefit you in a number of ways. Keep in mind that if you found this post useful, you can go to the following blog, where you can find multiple topics of current interest related to recycling in the USA.