Recycle cardboard with paint

Everyone knows that cardboard is the most recycled waste material in the world. But there are many varieties, and sometimes it is not known exactly if there are some provisions about how to recycle cardboard with paint.

That is why, in this article, you will find out if it is possible to recycle cardboard with paint and how is its recycling process. In addition, you will learn some ideas for recycling this type of material so that you can give it a new use at home.

Can cardboard be recycled with paint?

Currently, two types of cardboard are commercially available. The first is the cardboard used to create boxes, which consists of a sheet of corrugated cardboard inside two smooth sheets. This type of cardboard is quite durable, so it is used for many packaging and shipping jobs.

Another type of cardboard you can find is called “Conglomerate” and consists of a single thick layer. This type of cardboard is most commonly used in the manufacture of shoe boxes and cereal boxes, among others.

Regardless of the type of cardboard, you can find it in its natural color or painted. Certainly, this material in natural color is easier to recycle by processing plants. On the other hand, painted cardboard, depending on its own conditions, is a little more difficult to process.

For example, there is painted cardboard with a plastic coating; this type of cardboard cannot be recycled. This is because the recycling plants do not have the conditions to remove the plastic coating.

However, if the cardboard with paint that you wish to recycle does not have this coating, it can be recycled. It is also a good idea to call your local recycling center to see if they will accept the painted cardboard for reuse.

How to Prepare Painted Cardboard for Recycling

When recycling cardboard with paint on it, there are some storage and placement considerations to keep in mind. Keep in mind that this material must be completely dry, because if it is wet it will not be received in most recycling centers.

Recycling painted cardboard

This is because, when cardboard gets wet, it loses some properties and its weight increases. For this reason, you should store cardboard with paint in a shaded place where there is no humidity.

Also, if the cardboard is dirty with grease or food residues, it cannot be processed for recycling. This is why most recyclers will not accept pizza boxes. Now that you know these considerations, here’s how to prepare cardboard with paint for recycling:

Disassemble the cardboard boxes and remove any tape, staples or labels from them. You should also remove any type of packaging material that the cardboard box with paint has.

  1. Flatten the cardboard boxes and lay them as straight as possible.
  2. Place the cartons on top of each other to form a large bundle.
  3. Tie the bundle of cardboard boxes together to prevent the breeze from blowing them out of shape.
  4. Store them in a clean, cool place to keep them in good condition.

After this, the painted cardboard boxes will be completely ready to be taken to the recycling center.

Where to recycle cardboard with paint

There are several recycling centers nationwide that accept cardboard with paint, among many other waste materials. Of course, this type of cardboard is not accepted by all recycling centers, so it is necessary to consult in advance. Therefore, the first thing to do is to contact your local recycling center to confirm if they recycle cardboard with paint on it.

There are also some recyclers that offer the service of leaving the cardboard at the curb, and they will pick it up themselves. It is also possible to personally take the cardboard bales to the recycling center for processing.

If you do not know of a recycling center in your city, it is possible to do a quick search on the Internet. Surely, in a few minutes you will not only get the address, but also the telephone numbers and their opening hours.

You can also click on this link to enter a search engine for recycling centers in the United States. By simply entering your zip code, the amount of material, and selecting the cardboard option, you will be able to find all the recycling centers in your city.

Once you know the recycling centers closest to your home, you will be able to learn the instructions that they establish to receive the cardboard with paint.

How is the process of recycling cardboard with paint?

The process of recycling cardboard with paint is done in 5 steps. Although it is not a simple process, it does save more energy and resources than making new cardboard. Remember that recycling cardboard not only conserves trees, but also uses less energy and saves water.

Below, you’ll see each step in the process of recycling cardboard with paint:

  1. Curbside or on-site recycling. Once you have all your cardboard bundles sorted and have coordinated with the recycling center, you have the options of delivering it to the curb or taking it to the recycling center.
  2. Sorting. Once the bales are received, it is time for the recycler to sort the cardboard for processing.
  3. Soaking and pulping. In this step, all the cardboard bundles are placed in a chemical bath to break down the cardboard fibers. This step also removes all paint from the cardboard.
  4. Cleaning and screening. The cardboard may still have traces of glue, staples and ink, and this step is used to remove these impurities.
  5. Machine for making recycled cardboard. Once the material is completely clean, it is passed through all the machinery that dries it, compacts it and turns it into recycled cardboard.

cardboard boxes with paint

As you can see, this type of waste material can be recycled very easily as long as it has the conditions to do so. If you found this post on recycling cardboard with paint useful as a guide, we hope you will follow our blog. You may also be interested in Recycle cardboard Winston-Salem if you live in this city.