Can potato chip bags be recycled?

What material are potato chip bags made of?

Do you know where to recycle your potato chip bags? After a long day of snacking, it’s time to recycle. Potato chips are delicious and the perfect snack, but what do we do with all those plastic bags? In this blog post we’ll explore whether potato chip bags can be recycled.

Chip bags are not destined for your regular recycling garbage can because most chip bags are constructed of polypropylene-coated aluminum. Also identified as metallized polypropylene or low-density polyethylene film, those potato chip bags are actually a big hybrid mess of plastic and aluminum.

The great news is that organizations are starting to see and incorporate environmentally friendly methods. More and more companies have started to recycle already used chip bags to dodge the final waste destination. Chip bags are also being reproduced into items such as clipboards, tote bags or trash cans.

What are the potato bags called?

“To be part of the program, interested institutions must register as a Brigada on the TerraCycle or Tang websites and call on the community to collect used sachets of the powdered beverage,” Soto Carrillo explained.

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“We will give 0.25 cents for each sachet collected and sent, and we will also cover the shipping costs of the sachets collected through pre-paid courier services to deliver them to TerraCycle’s treatment plant in Mexico,” said the company’s general manager.

This payment system is intended to encourage more people to take part in the so-called collection brigades and the business plan, which is present in 5 countries around the world and which to date has managed to ensure that more than 1.9 billion pieces reach the landfills.

In addition to these companies, there are scientific initiatives in Mexico that seek to put an end to plastic waste, such as the work of the Biotechnology Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico to create a bacterium capable of allowing plastic containers to be environmentally degraded and thus take the next step for the recycling industry.

Container container

This is the 425th video I upload to my Party Ideas YouTube channel.  In it I present you 10 ideas for recycling snack bags. I have used potato chip bags. This type of bags are very resistant, they are silver inside and allow to preserve, inside them, the food.

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This bag is designed for a snack, although it can be used to carry or store any other item, underwear on a trip, necklaces, anything we have to transport or store.can also be used to store a detail or gift, so the gift will be double 🙂 the gift itself and the bag that contains it ;)This is made in lilac canvas, is a rest that I can use for a snack or a snack, it is a …

In addition to avoiding the use of plastic, these bags have the great advantage that you can take them to the shopping without weighing or bulging, you can put the fruit and vegetables in them and you can store them directly in the fridge in the same bag. As they have little holes the vegetables breathe and last much longer than if they are in plastic, these bags are inspired by ideas like …

Yellow recycling container

Potato chips are a snack used in many households before any meal, as well as a recurrent snack for simply watching TV. However, they may not be the most beneficial food for health, even though they contain different vitamins among their composition.

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Although there are different types of potato chips, as a general rule they usually contain per 100 grams about 47.45 grams of carbohydrates, 6.5 grams of protein and 32.7 grams of fat. In this sense, it is a snack that provides a large amount of calories to the body.

As a general rule, potato chips are not a healthy food. Especially because of their high fat and calorie content. In this respect, it is a snack that can easily lead to an increase in body weight.

However, among the great multitude of potato chips that we can buy in the market, there are some varieties that depending on their characteristics and elaboration can be a little healthier and not so harmful to health.