Can Ziploc containers go in the dishwasher?

Any freezer bag can be used

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Polypropylene dishwasher safe

Glass containersGlass is very safe and inert. It does not pick up odors, colors or flavors, does not contaminate food, is durable, 100% recyclable, transparent to see the contents and very easy to clean.jars of cooked vegetables or olives are very practical for freezing broths, soups or creams. There are also high quality and resistant glass jars with airtight lids with platinum silicone rims, but be careful not to fill the jar to the top, because the food increases in volume when frozen and could burst. Also avoid sudden temperature changes.Related article

Stainless steel containersAlthough less common than glass, stainless steel containers are also suitable for freezing cooked food or fruits and vegetables, and there is no danger of them bursting. In addition, these containers are lighter and take up less space.Related article

5 kitchen utensils you’re not getting the most out of 4. Vegetable paper bagsThese are made of the same material as the non-toxic paper roll. They are very convenient for freezing slices of bread, some fruits such as bananas or croquettes in individual portions.Related article

Reusable food freezer bags

It doesn’t matter if they are the good ones with their own sealing system, the white brand ones that were on sale or those simple ones that require a more manual sealing. The question is always the same after taking them out of the freezer and using their contents: what now? Throwing them away as they are would be the most convenient and expensive thing to do. But can they be washed and reused? Is it safe to reuse them for food?

Raw products such as meat and fish can leave bacteria in the bags that can harm the food we put in laterBut not everything is so obviously superfluous or easy to eliminate, especially if food safety comes into play. And that is the key when talking about freezer bags, reminds us Lluis Riera, a technician at Saia, a Barcelona company specializing in precisely this area.

Although it is generally safe to reuse them, it is not always safe, he warns. “Raw products such as meat and fish will leave bacteria inside that can cause cross-contamination to the food we put in later,” he explains.

Zip lock bags for freezing

LDPE, low density polyethylene, is one of the safest substances to ensure that the food to be frozen will not be harmed by the release of chemicals from the container. Prolipolene is also ideal for this type of issue as well as bio-plastic. Thermoformed plastic has become, since its recent use for this type of articles, the star material for containers to freeze food. It is a plastic sheet that is given the most suitable shape for this purpose. This material combines PET, polypropylene and polystyrene and guarantees both perfect food preservation and an excellent freezing process for the food of your choice.