What does the snowflake symbol mean on a plastic container?

Kitchen symbols and their meaning

1. PAO symbol. The “period after opening” is the minimum time after opening of the cosmetic product during which it can be used without risk to the consumer. It is known by the abbreviation PAO, which stands for period after opening.

12M open jar symbol: indicates the number of months within which the product should be used after opening, provided that the product has been stored under normal conditions and has not been exposed to extreme temperatures.

What does the letter “e” mean? This is the net content of the package, i.e. the amount of product it contains. It is an EU sign that certifies that the product has been filled under statistical control and that therefore all the units contain the weight indicated.

Some women know it and many others do not: beauty products, like food and medicines, expire. Current regulations make it compulsory to indicate the expiration date on cosmetics with a shelf life of less than 30 months. …

Microwaveable symbol

Thanks to a fantastic post on Bon Temps Beignet, we are going to discover many models to make a little flake with a reused sheet of paper. We could also reuse sheets of magazines or even cardboard that, once the craft is finished, we could paint white.

The first steps to make Rudolf the reindeer is to draw and cut out the silhouette of the reindeer and then glue the antlers (it can also be enough to fit the pieces into the narrow slots).

7. Drill a hole with a hole punch on each side of the upper part of the cubicles. Before doing so, protect the area with a bit of tape. Repeat this step for each cubicle.

8. Next, we take one of the large circles that we cut out at the beginning and make holes at the ends with the hole punch. Then, we use a pair of scissors to make another hole in the center. (as shown in the photo of the next step).

10. We make the holes in the second circle. We must make sure that both circles coincide. We take one of the wheels, apply glue in each hole and insert a stick. To embellish it and prevent the glue from coming out, we can glue, on the outside, a cardboard star or whatever we can think of.

Plastic Packaging Symbols

How to freeze without plastic… On our way to a zero waste life we have said goodbye to many single-use plastics, among them we have stopped using bags, film, aluminum foil. We now use our own cloth shopping bags and reusable waxed wrapping to preserve food.

As many of you will do, we used to reuse the plastic freezer bags from the fruit (the thin, clear ones), wrapped with film or aluminum foil. But there came a day when we stopped buying film, aluminum foil, and ran out of plastic bags. That day a new problem arose.    What can we use to freeze without plastic?

Our first tip is to use what you already have. No need to run out and buy new stuff, we’re sure you have everything you need at home to start freezing without plastic.

What jars do we use? Any glass jar. We reuse the jars of cooked vegetables, jams, olives… But you can also buy them, in case you do not consume anything in glass. They are very practical for freezing sauces, creams, soups, etc.

Product symbols and meanings

We use lots of packaging on a daily basis. And although we hardly ever stop to read them carefully, if you have, you’ll notice that there are lots of standardized symbols on them. Some have an obvious meaning, but others… are more difficult to understand. Let’s go through them to see what they mean:

Strikethrough container: This symbol appears on the packaging of electronic devices, and tells us that we should not throw it away when it is no longer useful, but take it to a clean point because it has substances that could be dangerous if they end up in a landfill. This symbol certifies that the device complies with Royal Decree 208/2005 on electrical and electronic equipment and its waste, and that its recycling must be free of charge for the consumer.

Circles: Medicines may bear one of these four circles. The white one means that a prescription is required to buy it. The black one means that the prescription must be for narcotic drugs.  Those that are divided mark medicines containing psychotropic substances, depending on their class.