What does the fork and wine glass symbol mean?

What do the symbols on packaging mean

In food packaging we find several symbols with different shapes and colors, with which perhaps some people are not related, for a better general understanding, today we will explain three of them.

We can find a green symbol in which we see a cup and a fork, this symbol means that the plastic that is part of the package is suitable for contact with food. Otherwise, if it does not have this symbol, perhaps it is a dubious material and is not allowed for food use.

The reading of the food symbols helps us to know a little more about the product and its manufacture, something important to keep in mind, since we must know the packaging that contains what we are going to eat.

What do the symbols and symbols mean?

2. SERVILLETA…ON: When you sit down, the first thing you do is to “take possession” of your seat. That is the moment to take your napkin, unfold it and place it on your thighs. The napkin is an auxiliary element that serves us for many things and at the very moment we sit down we may need it (coughing, etc.). And take note of the golden rule “SERVILLETA-VASO-SERVILLETA”.    Yes, it’s not about wiping your mouth, it’s about wiping before drinking to avoid leaving impurities in the glass. The napkin should be used before drinking and afterwards to dry the mouth from the remains of what we have drunk. A respect to the napkin, which is used, please.

3. …AND THE MOBILE, OFF!: We all know that cell phones are now part of our lives, but there are times when it is also clear to us that the cell phone should not be used (churches, concerts, etc.). As a general rule, in an event where we are going to socialize, it makes no sense to leave the audience with the word and spend time on the mobile, so Gerardo (and therefore, me) advises to keep the phones. A little bit of please and almost as if we were at mass.    Another thing is if you are waiting for an urgent call and, simply, you notice such a circumstance when the call is made, apologize and answer it, but as a rule, it should be turned off and in your pocket.

Symbols on food packaging

We use lots of packaging every day. And although we hardly ever stop to read them carefully, if you have, you’ll notice that there are lots of standardized symbols on them. Some have an obvious meaning, but others… are more difficult to understand. Let’s go through them to see what they mean:

Strikethrough container: This symbol appears on the packaging of electronic devices, and tells us that we should not throw it away when it is no longer useful, but take it to a clean point because it has substances that could be dangerous if they end up in a landfill. This symbol certifies that the device complies with Royal Decree 208/2005 on electrical and electronic equipment and its waste, and that its recycling must be free of charge for the consumer.

Circles: Medicines may bear one of these four circles. The white one means that a prescription is required to buy it. The black one means that the prescription must be for narcotic drugs.  Those that are divided mark medicines containing psychotropic substances, depending on their class.

Container symbols

The wine glass is a type of glass used for drinking and tasting wine. Wine glasses are composed of: a foot or base, a stem or shaft and a goblet. There are also wine glasses, although the use of goblets is generally preferred, since it is attributed properties that the glass does not have. Some authors recommend that one should hold the glass by the stem, to avoid heating the wine and staining the bowl.[1] Wine glass

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