What is the microwavable symbol?

How to tell if a container is microwave safe

As long as the consumer follows the instructions on the container, the operator guarantees that the container will be safe to use. Therefore, we should never use for freezing, microwaving or other uses a container that the manufacturer has not designed for this purpose because it may not be safe.

It is important that we pay enough attention to the information given by the packaging and that we banish some common practices in our daily life when we use them.  This simple gesture will allow us to cook food safely and preserve it in good conditions.

What is the microwave logo

Nowadays we have a wide variety of containers in which to store food, but be careful! That does not directly imply that they can be put in the microwave. A perfect example, although unexpected for many, are the plastic containers in which the food usually arrives at home.

If you do not want unpleasant surprises, the simplest thing to do is to look for the microwave-safe symbol on your containers. There is no universal one, but we assure you that it will be very similar to the three that we leave you in this image.

Considering that it is one of the best allies we have in the kitchen, almost in all probability, you know perfectly well the meaning of the microwave symbols. However, for possible doubts or stragglers, let’s review the most important ones:

You already know that when it comes to choosing one of these appliances you have two options. Microwaves without grill are ideal for heating and cooking some foods, all kinds of liquids, or even defrosting. But if you are looking for something more than that, you will need a microwave with the grill symbol in sight, which will be the definitive proof that we will be able to grill or give a similar touch to the one we would get with the oven.

Dishwasher safe symbol

Many times we have put something in the microwave to heat up and after a few seconds it is still cold. Or it overheats. Or it burns the container but the liquid inside is still cold. Let’s go over some tricks to get the most out of our microwave.

Let’s start with what we should not put in the microwave, both some foods, for example eggs in the shell, processed meat or hot peppers, and unsuitable containers, which are metal, those with metal handles or metal ornaments and some plastics. Many of the kitchen utensils we use have a symbol that indicates whether or not they are suitable for use in the microwave.

It is also important to adjust food cooking times to the manufacturers’ recommendations to avoid overheating the food and prevent loss of nutrients, texture, aroma or flavor.

There is a trick to heating food evenly in the microwave. It is important to remember that food in the microwave receives heat from the outside in (as opposed to what happens in a conventional oven, for example). Taking advantage of this, we leave some space in the center of the dish and move the food towards the edges, forming a kind of crown, whenever possible. In this way we will be able to heat all the food in the microwave oven equally.

Microwave symbol in a tupperware container

Do you know how to use your microwave well? Do you know all the symbols and how they work? We are going to review the symbols and the most common functions of the microwave so that you do not waste your time when you are going to use it and stop programming the temperature by eye.

One of the clearest symbols is the one that indicates how and when to program the time that the microwave will display. It also serves to hide the clock if you do not want it to be shown on the display.

The clock is visible if your microwave model has an electronic display, otherwise the clock symbol will indicate the timer and that is essential for cooking your dishes in the microwave.

It is an essential symbol in the microwave. You can find two variants: if your model has electronic display you have to select the timer and then choose the time with the wheel; if it is not, the symbol will go next to an arc with the different cooking times.

The power of the microwave is measured in watts and its values are used to measure the speed at which the appliance works. For example, a microwave operating at 600 W heats more slowly than a microwave operating at 900 W.