What color is the recycling symbol?

Recycling symbols and their meaning

It is a symbol composed of three green arrows that circulate clockwise. It is the international symbol for recycling. It is usually used to signify recycling, saving resources and protecting the environment. Often appearing on packaging of recyclable goods, it signifies that the packaging material is recyclable. Related Emojis:

The current ♻︎ is a variant of Emoji (text style, showing black and white symbols on some older platforms), and has two corresponding Emojis: ♻ (basic Emoji without variant symbols) and ♻️ (emoji style, showing colored symbols on most newer platforms).

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Products with the recycling symbol

Nowadays we are familiar with the term “recycling”, we even see colorful containers on the street and some of us have an idea of what it refers to, but it is necessary to reinforce this information because we must learn about the classification of waste in order to make the recycling process more and more successful.

The fundamental thing for this is to know how to separate the material to be deposited in the containers temporarily, that is why the Ministry of Environment has standardized the classification through the Nch 3322, this standard establishes the color codes for each type of waste.

Although visually we recognize the elements that identify the subject we are talking about, there is still the need to learn about the correct use of the containers, for that we leave this blog post with the meaning of each color of trash can:

The Blue container is for paper and cardboard, these must be clean and folded at the time of taking to the recycling point.Light Gray is for metals that must be rinsed free of residue and dry.

Symbol for Littering

If you’re looking to become an expert recycler, it’s important to know at least the most important symbols of recycling. Each symbol has its own meaning, but they share a common goal; to raise awareness and make recycling easier for people.

This symbol of recycling can be found on various containers, and it means that this product can and should be recycled, as long as we as citizens do our part and separate it in the appropriate container.

Surely you have seen garbage bags and containers of different colors. This is due to the color system of recycling, with which we as a society facilitate the work of recycling, by separating waste materials. Currently there are 6 colors and we will explain below what each one of them refers to.

In the blue containers, we must deposit all packaging and paper and cardboard products. From newspapers and magazines to food boxes. If you deposit a box, it is advisable to disassemble it in order to store as much waste as possible.

Recycling colors

On a variety of packaging you can find symbols that explain information related to the recycling content of a product: whether or not an item can be recycled, how to dispose of it, or if it is made from recycled material.

This Keep Britain Tidy symbol asks you not to litter. It does not relate to recycling, but is a reminder to be a good citizen when throwing away waste by being environmentally conscious and disposing of the item in the most appropriate way.

The green dot is not necessarily related to recycling or reuse of packaging. It is a symbol used on packaging in some European countries and refers to the fact that the producer has made a financial contribution to the recovery and recycling of packaging in Europe.

They are identified as follows: PET or PETE (Polyethylene terephthalate), 2.HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), 3. V or PVC (Vinyl or Polyvinyl Chloride), 4. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), 5. PP (Polypropylene), 6. PS (Polystyrene), and 7. Other.