Can you return propane tanks?

Bottle of butane gas

The deposit (refundable) is not the right of discharge (non-refundable) Many customers think that they will be refunded extra money that they paid when they signed the contract. However, they should confirm in their contract that what they paid at the time was a refundable deposit and not the “derecho de alta”, i.e. the cost of the cylinder.

All other distributors do not charge a deposit, but the “derecho de alta” or cost of the cylinder. Therefore, if you have a cylinder from Cepsa, Galp Energía or Disa Gas, confirm with your agent that the cylinder is yours and, furthermore, that you have not paid any “extra” cost when you signed the contract.

On the other hand, if you are a customer of a cylinder supply and you want to refill it, you should call your distributor or go to the nearest gas station and ask for a refill. They will pick up your empty cylinder and give you a refill.

At the same time, if you have the Repsol Non-direct debit contract, with which you can refill your cylinder at the gas stations, it means that you have paid for the container (the right of discharge) and you can keep the cylinder or even sell it.

Repsol propane gas

Most people already have natural gas installed in their homes. Its low cost and the fact that it is non-polluting is an enormous virtue. On the other hand, many others will have discarded or will find it unfeasible to enter the connection network. On the other hand, understand that there are propane and butane gas, somewhat more expensive, but with an enormous calorific value.

Corresponding to the same group of gas, LPG, butane gas is also obtained from the distillation of this kind of fuel. It contains, to a lesser extent, propane, isobutane and ethane. Colorless and odorless, it has an enormous calorific value and extensive energy guarantees. It is frequently used for:

Hot water: As it does not require considerable amount of energy to achieve results, it is the most corresponding to have burning water in your home. Its price is significantly lower than that of electricity.

Cooking: Thanks to this subjectively low price, it is the preferred alternative for home kitchens or even eating places. If consumption is high, you may have to consider switching to propane or natural gas.

Repsol butane

Butane cylinders can be made of different metals that will condition their management as waste. The gas they contain is composed of butane, propane, isobutane and ethane, in addition to a gas that gives them an unpleasant odor to facilitate leak detection. Due to their content, in addition to their composition, empty butane cylinders must be deposited in appropriate places to ensure proper treatment and recycling.

During the purchase process, the user must sign a contract that includes a deposit for the cylinder, which, for practical purposes, will be rented by the user. This money will be returned when the cylinder is delivered empty, which is the responsibility of each consumer. The price of the cylinders is regulated by law, although there are some additional costs for management, maintenance or delivery that depend on each supplier.

When installing or storing cylinders at home, each person must be careful as they contain potentially dangerous gases. Proper handling and maintenance, together with monitoring the condition of the device, will be enough to avoid accidents. Periodic inspections should be carried out, avoiding storing more than two cylinders at the same time and not storing them near heat sources, and checking both the expiration date and the condition of all installations linked to the cylinders.

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If you have a long-term contract, you will be charged a penalty for terminating your contractThe customer should pay special attention to the term of the contract, because if it is still in force, the termination process will be more expensive.

However, if you still have a contract in force, you will have to pay the penalty established in your contract. Selectra will advise you on all the steps and will help you negotiate with other potential distributors to reduce costs.

Therefore, if you wish to terminate your contract, you may have to pay a penalty of 600€ to 2.000€. These are called “termination charges” and are quite high, although they vary from one supplier to another and depend on the time remaining before the expiration of the contract.

If your gas tank is rented from the distributor, the latter will be responsible for handling all the formalities to remove it. Ask your distributor or call Selectra for personal advice on your installation.