Can you use old motor oil to fertilize your lawn?


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A simple and relaxing activity, complementary to DIY and gardening, composting is also a key element in the correct management of waste and one of the most important individual contributions to preserving the environment.

If we carefully remove the top layer of leaf litter in late spring, we will find a dark brown soil underneath, rich in humus, with a spongy texture and a characteristic soft smell. The nutrients that had accumulated in the dead plant components have been extracted by the soil organisms, redistributed back into the humus and are once again available to the plants. In this way the cycle of matter has been closed and the continuity of the forest floor is ensured.

The process is practically the same as in the natural soils of deciduous forests with a significant input of organic matter and, as in these, the result is the formation of “compost-humus”. However, in our case, that of composting, the amount of organisms involved in the process of transformation of organic remains is significantly higher than in natural soils, which is why we can transform a large amount of organic matter in a short time.

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The power tiller is a very versatile tool used, in essence, to control weeds in the field. In this article we will study the components, functions and, mainly, the advantages and disadvantages of a power tiller.

It is well known that for agricultural work it is of utmost importance to maximize production, this is achieved by incorporating tools and machinery that help to shorten time and minimize effort into daily tasks. In the past, hoes were used to eradicate weeds affecting the crop.

The first advance in this sense came when farmers began to use draft animals (such as mules, horses and oxen) to speed up cultivation work and decompact the topsoil.

The power tiller, also known as a power cultivator or power tiller, is a self-propelled, single-axle vehicle that is steered with two height-adjustable arms. It is generally operated standing, although, if the model supports a trailer, the operator can be seated.

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In today’s post we will talk about what a power tiller and a power tiller or mechanical mule are and how they work. These are two of the most commonly used gardening machines for tilling the soil and preparing the orchard soil before planting crops.

Another difference between a motor hoe and a power tiller is the working depth. In motor hoes it is greater (it can reach up to 30 cm) because, as we have already seen, these machines do not have wheels that limit the depth to which the cutters and blades are introduced.

To plow the soil of an orchard and prepare it for planting, it is most common to use a motor hoe. One of the main reasons is the greater working depth of this machine (up to 30 cm or more), which is necessary to condition the soil to the depth reached by the roots of the vegetables.

If a motor hoe is available for the vegetable garden, it can also be adapted to prepare the soil for sowing grass. It is necessary to work with the engine revved to the maximum and to limit the depth of the work so that the tiller blades work only in the most superficial layer of the soil.