How do I export a certificate?


Whenever we are going to perform an electronic signature or digital identification process based on certificates, it will be necessary that these certificates are available in the computer for the application that is going to perform the signature. The certificates are stored in the “Certificate Store”.

Visit the Electronic ID section for more information. To be able to use the electronic DNI from a computer it is necessary to have a card reader compatible with the DNIe. The reader must comply, at least: In addition, to be able to interact properly with the cryptographic cards (DNIe) in particular, the computer must have installed some software ‘pieces’ called cryptographic modules.

Certificate export is the process of obtaining a copy of the certificate installed on the computer or browser for later use on another computer or process. Sometimes it is necessary to extract a certificate from the store for the following purposes: In the export process we will be prompted or may check a box indicating that we want to export the private key. The export must be done from the vault where the certificate is installed. In the following points you can see the different ways to access the stores available in the computer.

Export chrome certificates

Hello! In this article I am going to export a copy of my digital certificate to transfer it to another computer. I am going to show how to export a certificate from scratch with a real example. Just follow my steps below

If you are not used to use Internet explorer, don’t worry! I will explain below how I have done the export of my digital certificate with screenshots, just follow my steps one by one. Here we go.

*Updating. If you want to do it with the Microsoft Edge browser you have to enter in the top right bar “…” , it will open a drop down “settings”, then in the left column under “privacy and services” and then “manage certificates”. Now you have to go to point 4 and follow the tutorial.

Import digital certificate

It is always advisable to export your certificate to a pendrive to create a backup copy inside and outside your computer. This in case the equipment you use constantly suffers any failure or in case the browser has problems.  The process to obtain these certificates is a bit cumbersome, because you not only have to apply for it online, but you must go in person to a registry office. This requires a lot of time, that is why once you have it, it is important that you make a safeguard that will not take you more than a few minutes.

In this tutorial we will explain step by step how to export a digital certificate to a pendrive. We will also explain how to use it in other browsers.  Be careful when choosing the device you are going to use to store your certificate. Make sure that it is for strictly personal use and that it is only used in places you trust.

This means that other people will not be able to use your data to carry out their own procedures, that is why it is important that each user has his own. They can be used in different browsers or from another computer with the help of a pendrive or portable memory to be able to install it again, and thus save the inconvenience of making a new request and downloading it.

A digital certificate can be copied

Some types of servers will not allow certificates to be imported from one server to another. If that is the case for your server, there are two ways you can generate duplicate certificates within your account (at no cost) to use on a second server.

If you have an EV SSL Certificate, we recommend contacting our support department to help you obtain a duplicate. Certificate management functions within your customer account are limited due to the extended security involved in handling EV certificates. If you have an SSL SSL Certificate you will not have the option to “Get a Duplicate” within your customer account.