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The data that employees handle throughout their career within the company are usually the property of the company, so many demand the signing of a document that prevents these workers from handling this type of data outside, either currently being employees or after their termination with the company. Therefore, the signature of this document can be through the use of electronic signature.

The end of the employment contract must be formalized by both the company and the worker. This avoids later claims by both parties, thus stipulating the type of dismissal to be applied to the worker (fair or unfair). For this process, the human resources department can request the employee’s electronic signature, either for the confirmation of the dismissal letter or for the severance payment that belongs to the employee.

The use of the digitalized signature reduces the time needed for hiring, management of dismissals, training, etc. This is due to the fact that it will not be necessary for the employee to attend the workplace to sign in person.


Whenever we are going to perform an electronic signature or digital identification process based on certificates, it will be necessary that these certificates are available in the computer for the application that is going to perform the signature. The certificates are stored in the “Certificate Store”.

Visit the Electronic ID section for more information. To be able to use the electronic DNI from a computer it is necessary to have a card reader compatible with the DNIe. The reader must comply, at least: In addition, to be able to interact properly with the cryptographic cards (DNIe) in particular, the computer must have installed some software ‘pieces’ called cryptographic modules.

Certificate export is the process of obtaining a copy of the certificate installed on the computer or browser for later use on another computer or process. Sometimes it is necessary to extract a certificate from the store for the following purposes: In the export process we will be prompted or may check a box indicating that we want to export the private key. The export must be done from the vault where the certificate is installed. In the following points you can see the different ways to access the stores available in the computer.

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If you select “Define signature sequence”, green arrows appear to the right of each row that allow you to modify the order in which each signature request must be signed. By selecting this option, a signature request will not be notified until the predecessor has been signed.

Finally, we can decide whether we want to activate the automatic sending of the signed document to one or more recipients. Whenever we define a signature request of type “Eventual User”, an entry is recorded in this table, so that the signatory receives his copy of the document.

To launch the process we must click on the “Save and send” option. Here we can also choose to save the transaction to launch it later or create a template that will allow us to reuse the process later.

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This article explains how to obtain or create a digital signature for use in Office documents. For more information on how to use them in Office documents, see Add or remove a digital signature in Office files.

If you plan to exchange digitally signed documents with others and want the recipients of the documents to be able to verify the authenticity of your digital signature, you can obtain a digital certificate from a trusted third-party certificate authority (CA). For more information, see Find digital ID or digital signature services.

Important: If you digitally sign a document using a digital certificate you have created and then share the digitally signed file, others cannot verify the authenticity of your digital signature without manually deciding to trust your self-signed certificate.

If you attempt to digitally sign an Office 2007 document without a digital certificate, the Get a Digital ID dialog box will appear and you will be prompted to select how you want to obtain your own digital signature.