How much does motherboard repair cost?

Repair motherboard

Technical service ratesThe prices of computer and laptop repairs that we show correspond to the repair in our facilities. If you have a laptop we can pick it up at your home or workplace. The amount for the pick-up-delivery at your home or company is 22 € VAT included for the two journeys.

Repair of the power connector of the motherboardYour laptop does not charge the battery, does it have a broken power connector? You probably have problems in the DC Jack of the motherboard.70 €.

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How much does it cost to repair a notebook

If we think about how much it costs to repair a computer in a specialized technical support we find that we do not know. An average price per hour of computer labor is usually around forty or fifty euros approximately, but what is this time based on?

Let us clarify that almost always more time is invested than is charged to the client, since the estimated time of repair is very relative, but we establish a few standards that allow the client and the computer technical support to establish a correct commercial relationship.

For example; How long does it take to perform a virus removal? Approximately, if everything goes well, between an hour and an hour and a half.    If the computer repair is complicated, it can take hours. That is why it is advisable to opt for technical supports that apply flat rates for repairs and give free estimates.

More or less the repair time is about an hour or an hour and a half. The price, as we have already said, is around fifty euros. In many occasions it is complicated for the technical supports this type of repair and it depends on the work environment if it were a company, but for a domestic computer the price should be the indicated one.

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If you have entered this article you may have doubts about the cost of repairing a laptop that you suspect has a defective motherboard. The complete replacement of the motherboard of a laptop, especially if it is a high-end one such as a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Asus ROG, MSI gamer… can amount to almost the price of the equipment in some cases, between the price of the component and the labor. Is it worth it? There may be cases where it is, especially in certain models with cheaper motherboards or with the availability of second hand or recovered motherboards, but what if we tell you that a good technical service can repair your motherboard without the need to replace it completely? Then maybe the price of your laptop motherboard is not exactly that high and you don’t need to replace it. Let’s first see what main symptoms a laptop with a faulty motherboard suffers from.

The motherboard of a laptop is basically the component on which the whole computer is built. The central processor, memory, graphics card, ports, etc. are mounted on it, and hard disks, DVD drives, etc. are connected to it. In the case of a laptop, its motherboard may have many of the components “integrated”, i.e. they are already soldered to it from the factory and therefore cannot be easily replaced, but in case of failure, more complex operations of desoldering and soldering must be performed. These operations require a higher technical level, since after all it is not just a matter of replacing a component. But let’s first look at how to identify the symptoms of a defective motherboard.

It is worth repairing a motherboard

So, after changing motherboard the operating system will boot without problems (it will take a little longer than usual the first time because it has to recognize all the new hardware), but you may get some errors at startup if you had software from the previous motherboard installed.

Repairing the motherboard. The standard repair would be to replace the motherboard and replace it with a new one. The main problem with this is that a new motherboard for a laptop has a very high cost, between 280 and 400 €.

The motherboard, also known as a motherboard, motherboard or mainboard, is a printed circuit board to which the components that make up the computer are connected.

How much does it cost to fix a laptop connector? To repair laptop jack connector the price ranges from 65 € to 85 €, all depending on the problem, and the electronic components that have to be replaced, as the completion time may increase.