Are motherboards worth scrapping?

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What is an OEM product? Should I buy it? Is it worth the price cut? OEM Windows 10? OEM license? OEM ink cartridges? We explain what it means and everything you need to know in this article!

When it comes to offering a solution to customers, manufacturers always analyze how to adequately meet their needs. This includes a thorough analysis of what is the most convenient, whether it is to manufacture their own products or to partner with another manufacturer to offer the best solution.

Among these OEM manufacturers, there are those that sell their products to another company by affixing their logo, while others do not include their brand and many other manufacturers directly sell their OEM products to the end consumer.

In the computer industry, this concept applies to manufacturers who sell their OEM products for another company to assemble their own equipment. These OEM products include motherboards, processors, hard disks and power supplies.

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Its use in technology may seem “inferior” at first glance, considering the applications, and fundamentally the historical values of gold. Symbol of power, of wealth, of stability in economic policies, and of course of madness and greed in the hearts of men and women, gold is required in hardware components due to its conductivity and its high resistance to corrosion. Needless to say, the hardware you are using right now to display these lines of text contains gold, and upon reaching the end of its operational state, the gold can be recovered from that hardware.

Nothing better than a good electrolysis session to perform the separation. The goal here is to remove the gold from the pins, but many enthusiasts use the same technique to remove oxide from metals in restoration projects.

Some of the acid is recovered, and the remainder must be diluted for proper filtration. ALWAYS pour the acid over the water, not the other way around. The reverse process causes the first drops of water to vaporize, causing splashing. And you don’t want an acid splash, I promise.

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Another problem of the motherboard is the voltage surges in our local power network, which can lead to the so-called motherboard burnout. Power surges can be caused by lightning striking a power line, which can cause the motherboard to fail.

Although for our salvation (and that of our equipment) we can solve this problem if we use a UPS, which is an uninterruptible power supply or UPS (for its acronym in English), this device has energy storage components such as batteries, which during a power outage can provide power for a limited time to all devices that have connected.

A short circuit is a connection between two terminals of an element of an electrical circuit, which causes a partial or total cancellation of the resistance in the circuit, leading to an increase in the current intensity that crosses it. In other words, it is a PROBLEM for us and it occurs very frequently. And the worst thing is that it is not due to our PC or a motherboard failure, but to OUR FAULT.


Not all AM4 motherboards offer the same degree of compatibility, we know that. AMD promised to offer full compatibility of their processors released until 2020 with the AM4 socket, something they have delivered so far, but in a limited and less efficient way than we would have expected.

That has been, precisely, one of the most important problems of motherboards with only 16 MB of storage capacity. For example, my motherboard, an AORUS GA-AX370-Gaming 5, dropped support for Bristol Ridge APUs with the F30 version due to lack of space. It is an understandable sacrifice and perfectly acceptable in most cases, since in exchange for eliminating support for “old” chips you can use new CPUs and APUs.

Some specialized media, such as HardwareUnboxed, confirmed that although it is possible to use Ryzen 3000 series processors on motherboards that have updated to the corresponding BIOS, the experience can vary greatly depending on the quality of the motherboard, and they pointed directly to two major keys, the power supply system (VRM) and its cooling.