Can you get money for old computers?

Where can I sell a damaged computer

Are you worried about the selling method? Our methods are the best! In just a few steps you can sell your computer without having to leave your home or business, you will not have to come to our facilities and best of all, the cost of picking up your equipment is on us.

You can make the sale of your computer by sending an email to: mentioned the characteristics and the state in which your computer is, as you can also communicate with our consultants to have a direct attention through the line 913188914.

Before selling your computer: we recommend you to erase all the documents that you have in the hard disk. To do this we recommend you to format it or also contact our consultants to access this service.

How much gold is in a hard drive

What we will need to create our multimedia PC is a software that allows us to manage all the content and share it over the network, and for this Plex is one of the best applications out there. If we have HDMI port or other compatible with the TV, then using Kodi would be another very good option. And if we do not have this type of media, then with a Chromecast and the screen sharing function we will have a good multimedia center.

Personally this is the use I would give to an old PC if it has SATA ports on its motherboard. With IDE it is very difficult to find replacement hard drives, but with SATA any current HDD will do, thus being able to create a kind of NAS with several TB of storage.

The best thing to do in these cases is to use Linux as the main system, as there are quite a few distros out there that allow us to do this, such as Clonezilla Live, BakAndImgCD or Redo Backup and Recovery. Windows also allows us to do RAID configurations, and with a software like EaseUS Todo Backup we could do a very fast configuration.

We buy your laptop

By reusing or disassembling and sorting these parts, it is possible to recycle some of their components. Some of its materials, such as metals or plastics, are sorted for later reuse in the manufacture of new products.

The components of electronic components are, in many cases, highly polluting. They are a special type of waste that should not be disposed of in just any container. That is why learning where to dispose of electronic waste becomes an essential part of caring for our environment.

How about using it just for writing? It can become a vintage typewriter! Using its components to use it in other electronic devices is also another option. As we told in our post recycled sculptures, even with an old computer you can create works of art, would you dare?

Recycling containers can be used for many products, but not for electronic waste! The clean points will be in charge of giving the most appropriate treatment to your old electronic devices.

Processor pins are made of gold

Once this is clear, it should be noted that interesting experiments can be carried out in this respect. Youtube, the place where you can find almost anything, has no shortage of videos and tutorials on how to extract this meager material from computer components.

Kevin Peters is the man behind Sreetips, a YouTube channel with almost 100,000 followers that is dedicated to performing experiments refining different components to obtain gold or silver. In reality, Peters is a retired U.S. Navy engineer who began experimenting on his own with these topics more than a decade ago. In fact, his most viewed video, with more than seven million views, is one in which he shows how to use different components of a computer to get gold out of them.

However, although there are exceptions, the vast majority do not contain a remarkable amount of gold, and it would take dozens of them to get something of truly remarkable value. Currently, the amount of gold present in modern CPUs is far less than what can be found in older components.