How do I recycle my old Kindle UK?

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The truth is that for devices older than the Kindle Paperwhite Keyboard, the offer is attractive, but for those who have an eReader more recent than the aforementioned version, the offer is not so good and therefore many think if it is really worth it.

Personally I think this Amazon program is interesting if we are really uncomfortable with our old Kindle, for example if we see that the old Kindle is downloaded very quickly, if we need something lighter or simply if we want to take better care of our eyesight, otherwise it is best to stick with the old Kindle.

Many friends of mine tell me that they prefer the old eReader they have to the new ones now, that they are already used to it and do not change it, something normal if you really have no problems with your eReader. But possibly Amazon does not understand this and try to do something to make more users upgrade, what do you think?

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The SBC Raspberry Pi board is prone to be used for many projects. It is something that is not new, but it is quite unknown to many to reuse eReaders or also known as ebooks. Many of these devices can be hacked and used as a powerful screen for our projects.

The project is called Kindleberry Pi. As the name suggests, the project is based on reusing Amazon’s eReader, the Kindle and a Raspberry Pi board. Kindleberry Pi is a project that uses the Kindle as an e-ink screen or monitor and displays everything that the Raspberry Pi processes, just like a normal computer monitor. It is true that when using an eReader, certain files such as videos will not be usable, but if our daily work is based on reading documents, the project can be interesting and healthy for our eyesight.

The official website of the project is available to everyone and in addition to its construction, we can get the necessary software for the Amazon Kindle to work properly. Kindleberry Pi was made with a basic Kindle and Raspberry Pi Model B, that is, it is an old project but equally valid with the new Amazon devices as well as with the new versions of Raspberry Pi.

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The revelation is surprising but not new, and already in the past there have been reports showing the same type of processes of mass destruction of products in France or Germany, where just a month ago Greenpeace again denounced these practices.

These processes are shown in photos and videos on your cell phone in which you can see how there are televisions, laptops, shavers, drones, books or masks that are mostly new and redistributable, but are assigned the label “Destroy”.

In another image, you can see how the goods destined for destruction are apparently loaded onto a truck that the ITV News investigative team followed. That truck arrived at a recycling center but left there barely a minute later without unloading anything.

At the time one of the interviewees pointed out how Amazon charged his company 20 euros for returning the product but only 14 euro cents for destroying it. If the products are not sold, explained the manager of one of the brands that sold its products on Amazon, they end up not having many options: to continue storing them or to have them returned is much more expensive.

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Sonos will retire its old products because they “have been pushed to their limits in terms of memory and processing power”. Such a change will affect many of the company’s customers, as 92% of its products are still in use.

All those devices prior to the Sonos Play 5 speaker, which was released in 2009 will be affected, as well as any other devices still using older hardware and even those with mixed equipment.

Sonos plans to launch a way to segment its older products into a separate speaker group. As mentioned above these products will still work fine. Recall that for many Sonos used to be a “lifetime” purchase.

The company will offer a “recycling” program that will give a 30% discount on new hardware. However, the program basically renders your device completely inoperable after going into recycle mode.

The news caused outrage when it hit social media, the Sonos spokesperson came out to address the criticism and stated that the trade-up program was intended to “help customers who were interested in purchasing the new upgrades offered by the new generation of Sonos products.”