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Apple announced yesterday through a press release a boost to its official repair service. This time, the company is teaming up with Best Buy, the well-known consumer electronics retailer in the US, to offer repairs in nearly 1,000 stores across the country. This is an important reinforcement for the growing demand for repairs on products from the bitten apple.

This is how Tara Bunch, vice president of AppleCare, communicated the expansion of repair locations. Cities such as Yuma in Arizona, Sioux City in Iowa, Twin Falls in Idaho and Casper, Wyoming and Bismarck in North Dakota will have more accessible official repairs of Apple products.

With this program, Best Buy has nearly 7,600 employees trained to work on Apple products. That translates to nearly eight members on average of Best Buy’s geek squad.

A visit to an Apple Store usually reveals a line of people waiting in line to repair an Apple product. While there are already stores with official repairs done by third parties, it is clear that Apple has seen the need to expand this support with Best Buy, one of the retailers with the most presence in every corner of the US.


Several retailers are joining recycling programs, in which they give you some rewards in exchange for the devices or items you no longer use. Solo Dinero explains how it works

More and more retailers are joining the dynamic of accepting your old belongings and in exchange, they give you a series of rewards. In previous weeks we had talked about Ikea’s bet, but now it is the turn of Target, Amazon and Walmart, who are adopting similar dynamics.

Who wouldn’t want to get rid of those electronic devices that are lying around, those car seats that we never use or those kitchen utensils that we haven’t used?

At Walmart, one of the largest retail stores in the United States with a global presence, they accept cell phones, video game consoles, tablets, among others, and in exchange they give you an electronic gift card.

Target holds an annual event to exchange car seats. It is usually held in the month of September, and for two weeks that the store stipulates in advance, anyone can drop off their car seats, including baby seats, among others. In return you will receive a 20% discount to get a new seat.