What can you do with a broken Xbox?

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On Earth at this particular moment; There are over a million people asking one question. They all want to know how to repair a broken Xbox 360. I want to believe that you are one of those people and I want you to know that you will be able to repair your console after reading this article. Happy reading.

Do you know why your console broke in the first instance? Do you think it is necessary for you to know the cause of the problem? Well; I think it is pertinent that you understand why your console broke down because that knowledge would help you protect your device for a long time after repairs.

Dirt and grime also prevent your console from working well; so when you fix your console, clean it regularly and keep it in a well-ventilated place. Also try to play games for only four hours or less per day. Do not place your console on any soft surface because it will also prevent it from working optimally.

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The standard repair fee for the Xbox 360 at a Microsoft service center is $120.00 USD ($99 when I checked mine). You will probably have to send it in so they can put the correct unit model, firmware and activation codes into the console for it to work. Although, they will most likely send you a new reconditioned console and either remove it for parts or fix it and send it in as a replacement unit. TL;DR Send it to Microsoft to get a refurbished Xbox 360 for $99 USD.

@BlueRaja-DannyPflughoeft I hate the fee, but that’s the “official” way to do it. If it weren’t for all the ridiculousness of the control they hope to exert over the products they sell, these repairs would be much simpler.

I’ve used it on a xenon, but you have to remove a chip underneath and you need good soldering skills, but it’s getting easier! I followed this http://team-xecuter.com/team-xecuters-xenon-reset-glitch-hack/ also http://youtu.be/JMk775cOFkg if you need help, just ask and good luck!

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Self-repair of phones, set-top boxes, tractors, electric vehicles? In general, this is real, but many manufacturers put a spoke in the wheel for repair shops and device and system owners. Some things are very easy to repair, but companies complicate things. One example is the Home button on an iPhone. Apparently, starting with the iPhone 5S model, all buttons are connected to the motherboards by software. If the button is broken, the casing is broken or something else happens, only Apple can solve this problem. The user will be able to install a new button without any problems, an exact analogue of the broken one, only it will either not work at all or some of the functions will be missing.

But, firstly, it does not always work, and secondly, large companies can not perform flashing, etc. – otherwise a corporation like Sony or Microsoft may sue, resulting in multi-million dollar losses or even bankruptcy.

You can use a xbox 360 as a pc

So that you do not carry out these dangerous activities for the console, we have prepared this list with the things you should avoid doing at all costs with your PlayStation 4, so that it will last as long as possible before the arrival of the new generation.

The gesture of inserting the disc into the console and leaving its case on top of it is very common. Although it is almost instinctive, you should stop doing it immediately as you could block the ventilation and cause your PS4 to overheat, nor is it advisable to leave the second controller on top of the console, which is also very common.

If you don’t want to go completely crazy, we recommend that you keep the PS4 with the best possible ventilation, otherwise it will make even more noise and may affect the hardware. Also, you don’t want to wake up your whole community of neighbors with a simple ride on Arthur Morgan’s horse, so keep it on a stable base and better not to have it on furniture with bad ventilation, or on the floor.