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One of the main markets where we can think about buying PC games is in alternative stores, where we can usually get great discounts on the vast majority of games by purchasing license keys, which we can redeem in the corresponding launcher such as Steam, Epic Games, Origin, or any other that corresponds to the game in question, because as we know, not all are available on all platforms.

Additionally, in many of these stores we can purchase console games, so we can take advantage of these sales portals to get cheap games for both our computer and our consoles, and thus maximize the benefit that brings us our money.

The money paid by the consumer in these stores is divided between the owners of the website, the developer of the game or games, and the charity to which we collaborate with our purchase, in percentages that vary depending on the site, and that for example in Humble Bundle we can choose at our will, and we can even dedicate the entire payment to charity.

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Many people buy Bitcoin as an investment, purchasing the cryptocurrency in the hope of profiting from market changes. These people consider Bitcoin as a speculative tool at first.

Others simply see cryptocurrencies as a new method of spending money. Every day, the number of sites where you can use Bitcoin as a form of payment is growing. To give you an example, below is a list of sites where you can spend your Bitcoins:

Each company’s decision whether or not to accept Bitcoin as a payment method is up to them. As a result, there are no markets where BTC is generally recognized. Instead, some organizations in various service industries are adopting virtual currencies as an additional payment option to grow their consumer bases.

Buying a video game used to require a trip to an actual store. Most gamers today buy online. Video games, like digital currency, have become a digital possession. As a result, it makes sense that too many large game retail sites accept Bitcoin.

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Can I use Bitcoin to buy online? Yes you can. Although Amazon refuses to accept cryptocurrencies as payment, there is another way to spend your Bitcoin to buy things here. You can use digital gift cards to buy products on Amazon or through the Lightning network, such as the Moon extension. Moon is a cryptographic payment processing company that will accept payments from any Lightning-enabled wallet, including Bitcoin. The other online merchants where you can spend your BTC are Etsy, Shopify,

Gamers can use Bitcoin to buy games and videos. Some gaming platforms like Coinmall, Humble Bundle, Big Fish Games, BitPlaza, Green Man Gaming and Zynga allow you to pay with Bitcoin. Even leading game retail platforms like Xbox, PlayStation Network and Microsoft now accept digital currency as payment. On those sites, you can buy games and other redeemable gift cards or pay for subscriptions.

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