Can I return Amazon item if opened?

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As you can see, the boxes have DESTROY stickers identifying the type of product inside. WEEE stands for waste electrical and electronic equipment. Liquids and cosmetics carry the acronym HAZMAT for Hazardous Materials. The rest are clothing boxes and mixed boxes.

“Amazon destroys in the wild,” sums up one person who knows this part of the company and the industry very well. The destruction is not done by Amazon, but is outsourced to a specialized company called Saica. Saica is a paper company based in Zaragoza that has a waste management subsidiary, Saica Natur, with a plant in the industrial park of San Martín de la Vega, south of Madrid.

The robots, as can be seen in videos of such warehouses, are similar to Roomba vacuum cleaners and carry up to seven pallets on top. Amazon’s warehouses are the same in all countries, so the account of these processes coincides with the one given by American workers to ‘The New York Times’.

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There, they refused to return and refund the money on the grounds that “the terminals must come as shipped, i.e. unsealed”. The affected person decided to file a claim form, after which ECI continued to refuse; the response stated that the phone “was not only unsealed, but had been started and used”.

Desperate, this person turned to FACUA Jaén to defend her rights. The association’s legal office contacted ECI to claim the refund under the aforementioned law. As the exceptions of article 103 could not be applied to the mentioned product, ECI gave up and agreed to pick up the phone and return to the user the 140€ that it had cost him.

How to return a product on amazon mexico

Amazon has always been characterized for being a responsible company with its customers and suppliers, that is why it is placed in one of the best positions worldwide, in the e-commerce sector, always have the best products, with very competitive prices and with a guarantee of prompt delivery, and a reliable return in case their products do not meet your expectations.

If you received a product, and it is not what you expected, or maybe you ordered something by accident on Amazon, and you want to return it, you came to the right place, here we will explain: How to return this product and receive a refund or an exchange.

If you realized that what just arrived at your home was not what you were thinking it would arrive, don’t worry, the most demanded E-Commerce platform in the world, has a very efficient return service, so that, depending on the seller and the warranty options, you can recover all your investment or part of the money you paid.


i opened it and i realized that it is not the one i wanted. can i return it? how many days do i have to return a product on amazon? i bought two knives to give as a gift but i was reading that they were defective and i was afraid that time passed, i would give them away and they are defective. so i want to open only one to open it but i feel that if i open it and it comes out defective, maybe i will not be able to return it or they will not give me another one. If I can return an opened product? besides when I bought them in the Amazon publication there was an image different from the one I got (but I liked the one I got anyway) now I go to the publication and they changed the photos and even the information. they changed it for the image of the knife that corresponds to the one I got. can I use that justification even though they already changed the photo to the one that corresponds to the knife I got?