Recycle cardboard into packaging material

Cardboard can be recycled in many ways to save costs and protect the environment. One of the most convenient options to give it a new use is to turn it into packaging material.

If you have a company and offer delivery services, this material will be your best ally to pack your products. If you want to know all the information about recycle cardboard into packaging material, keep reading this post.

Why use cardboard as packaging material?

Traditional packaging material is somewhat expensive and, since it is made of plastic, it is environmentally polluting. Moreover, once it has served its purpose (protecting fragile products) it has no further use.

For this reason, new alternatives are currently emerging to leave the use of plastic behind and start with a more environmentally friendly system. Cardboard is a great option to be used as a packaging material for the following reasons:

  • It is cheaper and can even come completely free of charge.
  • You can get it easier, as you can use any cardboard box to turn it into filler material.
  • It is the least polluting packaging material, as it degrades within a year and can be composted.
  • It is safe and resistant to protect fragile goods or goods that need special care.
  • You don’t need to make major changes in your company to convert cardboard into packaging material.
  • It fits all kinds of products, no matter what you want to pack, you can use cardboard without any inconvenience.

As you noticed, there are many reasons to use cardboard as a packaging material. And best of all, you will contribute to reduce pollution and save money at the same time.

How to use cardboard as a packaging material?

Actually, there are many alternatives to use cardboard as a packaging material. However, the most common is to use it as perforated sheets or cardboard mesh to wrap delicate objects and then pack them in shipping cartons.

It is also used as a void filler in boxes so that the product shipped fits snugly. This avoids any kind of damage during transportation.

Now, it is necessary to process the cardboard, to turn it into netting, netting, strips or confetti, depending on the use you are going to give it for packaging. Certainly, you can do this by hand using a guillotine or large scissors. However, doing it this way takes a lot of time and effort.

To simplify this process even more, automatic machines are available that take care of these activities. Depending on the type of packaging you want to make, you will have to decide between a punching machine and a cardboard shredder.

In the following, you will learn about each of these machines for converting cardboard into packaging material. You will then be able to decide which one to buy for your company to recycle cardboard into packaging material.

Cardboard punching machines for packaging material

Cardboard in its natural state is not well suited for wrapping delicate products. Therefore, it is necessary to convert it into different presentations to serve as packaging material.

Cardboard perforators are machines that are basically used to perforate cardboard sheets and convert them into cardboard netting. Cardboard netting is very beneficial because it can withstand shocks without damaging the products it is protecting.

Also, it is flexible and moldable, so it adapts to any shape and any object to be wrapped for shipping. Likewise, these machines are responsible for converting the cardboard into a more padded material as they perforate the sheet.

The cardboard web produced by the perforator can be used in many ways as packaging material. For example, if you are packing a delicate product, a cardboard netting bottom and additional protections can be placed on the walls of the shipping carton. This increases the cushioning properties of the material and further protects the product inside the box.

On the other hand, if glass bottles are to be shipped, cardboard netting is perfect, as each bottle can be wrapped to protect them individually.

Undoubtedly, cardboard perforators are a great help to quickly and efficiently convert cardboard into packaging material.

Carton shredders for filling material

Sometimes, when an object is to be packed for shipment, there is a lot of empty space left in the carton that must be filled to prevent damage to the product during carton handling.

Normally, these empty spaces are filled with plastic material. However, cardboard can also be used as a filler material, because it is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option.

To facilitate the process of converting cardboard into filler material, cardboard shredders are available. These machines are very similar to paper shredders, but their construction is more robust and durable.

Cardboard shredders can turn cardboard into strips, confetti or chips to fill empty spaces in shipping cartons. Depending on the space to be filled, you can choose to use any of the cardboard shapes produced by the shredder.

Using cardboard as a filler material further protects the product being packed. It also prevents the product from tipping over or being damaged during transport in the box.

Another benefit of using a shredder is that it allows the use of cartons with confidential information to be converted into filler material. Because, when they are processed, there will be no trace of any data that may be contained in the cardboard that was used.

As you can see, recycling cardboard into packaging material is very easy and beneficial for your company. Besides, as you already know, it lowers packaging costs and helps to take care of the planet.

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