How can I destroy my laptop internally?

Rombertik virus

‘The iPhone 7’s glossy black finish is the result of a careful nine-step anodizing and polishing process. Its surface is just as durable as other anodized Apple products, but may show slight micro-abrasions with use. If this is a concern, we recommend that you choose one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone’.

At work, I use my laptop like crazy. I work several hours and I’m thrilled with my Macbook, but unfortunately, it also means I have to keep my laptop plugged into the charger. Lithium batteries don’t like to stay fully charged or discharged – which makes them degrade faster.

Currently I just cover it with clothing, but doing so is difficult and inefficient because I keep my laptop on a stand. Maybe I can build some sort of mini sleeve that is around the connector to cover the connector led.

I don’t want to unplug it because I don’t shut it down and I prefer to discharge it only once a month for optimal battery health. I suppose I could turn it off every night and then remove the power cord.

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So for those who have implicit that eagerness for destruction that characterizes the human being, let’s see the most effective ways to destroy a hard drive so that you can never get information from its platters or memories.

The hard disk is one of the main elements of a computer’s hardware. Its task is to store all the information that is processed on our computer, that we download from the Internet and that we create ourselves. This information will always be stored in digital format, by means of zeros and ones (electricity and non-electricity), so the key will be to manage to erase these electrical impulses located in the memory.

Its status as a hard disk implies that it is really very hard, since it has an encapsulation built in aluminum and stainless steel of great hardness to ensure a clean chamber for the plates.

This is its main weakness, since by accessing this chamber we can practically leave the hard disk for dead. With the simple presence of a speck of dust that stumbles on the writing pins, they will almost certainly be rendered unusable. But be careful, because the information will still be contained on the platters.


Hello everyone my idea is a little crazy but I would like to know if you can do recently bought a radio receiver for the car and this has an input for usb in which I connect a flash drive and plays mp3 the question is whether you can connect a hard drive 40 gb to load it in the car and how would I ytengo ulgun knowledge of elctronica and if someone can give me an idea sure I can do it thanks for your answers

1) by the interfaces that must be created so that the disk does not require the plate of the pc and then by the high cost that these disks have, even more knowing that at the slightest blow or sudden movement are decalibrated and even break internally.

The truth is that I know little about hard disk, but I do know how they are internally and they are some paramagnetic metal disks and an apcula with a tape species with micrometric tips, which are throwing energy towards those disks, at the same time those disks maintain the information in magnetic form, but the tips are to few picometers of distance between the disks and to the minimum abrupt movement everything is broken.

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Be careful with what you download from the Internet these days. A lethal virus that destroys the Windows hard disk has been affecting dozens of users. It is the first most aggressive malware in history.

Be careful with what you download from the Internet during these days. A lethal virus that destroys the Windows hard disk has been affecting dozens of users. It is the first most aggressive malware in history.

This is the real challenge for antivirus programs. The level of sophistication and intelligence with which Rombertik has been programmed is so advanced that it initiates a self-destruct phase if it is detected.

The curious thing about this self-destruction phase is that its objective is to destroy the computer internally by affecting the hard disk. To do this, it will seek to delete a folder so essential in the system as Windows called Master Boot Recor (MBR).