Can a magnet destroy a laptop?


Actually, it’s not that practical to reliably clean a regular hard drive with a magnet unless you have some industrial-grade magnets: . The article also mentions flash-based storage: “A magnet powerful enough to disrupt electrons in flash would be powerful enough to extract iron from blood cells” – Bill Frank, executive director of the CompactFlash Association.

I would like to emphasize that this is not a practical danger : you are not going to destroy your SSD disk by using your magnetic screwdriver, or even waving your singing monkey balls nearby (in fact, magnetic screwdrivers are quite safe to use near normal magnetic hard drives as well) .

No , because flash memory devices do not use magnetism to store data like hard drives do. For example, SanDisk SD cards are rated to withstand static (unchanging) magnetic fields up to 5000 gauss.

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When my son received some magnets as a gift recently, it took him just an hour to swipe them close enough to my phone that I felt the urge to confiscate them. Now they’re gathering dust on a forgotten shelf, along with glow-in-the-dark rubber and joke dog feces.

But as I confined them to toy limbo, I wondered if my fear was irrational. Are magnets really a terrifying threat to our gadgets? Where did we get the idea that they’re dangerous to begin with? Let’s find out.

“This most likely stems from older electronic devices, such as CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors and televisions, which were susceptible to magnetic fields,” explains Matt Newby of the website first4magnets. “When you put a strong magnet near one of these devices, you could distort the picture. Fortunately, modern TVs and monitors are not susceptible in this way.”

Removing Large Neodymium Magnets from Hard Disk Drives

PlausibilityThis all made for great television, but it also lends itself to meditation.Could you set up a huge magnet for several batteries and place it next to a place where a laptop is stored to erase the data on that laptop?

Walter and Jesse essentially created a makeshift degausser. Degaussers are devices that produce magnetic fields strong enough that they can demagnetize hard drives, thereby erasing the data on the drives.

Renee Schafer, director of sales and marketing for Data Security, Inc, a company that specializes in data security and degaussing, said there was no way to ensure the Breaking Bad The hard drive erasure method would work.

Linda M. Schiro, vice president of sales for VS Security Products Ltd, a leading manufacturer of degaussers, watched yesterday’s Breaking Bad episode and spoke with the company’s engineers about the effort.

Good “science fiction “I also posed the Breaking Bad scenario for Todd Schuelke, manager of product reviews for Iomega Corporation, a manufacturer of NAS storage products for consumers and businesses, and Iomega’s engineers.

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Shamtam I doubt you can destroy your data with a magnet without opening the disk. Inside the drive is a pair of neodymium magnets (similarly strong to the ones you have, but not as big), inches away from the tray. The drives are well protected, so it is almost (if not quite) impossible to clean them by waving a magnet around. which item are you referring to? a CVn A few centimeters from the platter? Most likely the platter, including the housing, is a few inches tall (a standard 3.5″ platter is about 20mm tall). At most , millimeters sounds more. DrFriedParts @Michael: they are horizontally next to the platters, in the order of cm, not up/down. I like this

Scott Seidman Of course, if you can’t access the disk because it’s broken, you can’t just erase it or format it. If the data it contains is important to maintain privacy, destroy the disk. Drilling a hole through the platter is fine to stop most non-professionals. If it is important, do not send it for repair.