What is a Warrington hammer used for?

We often believe that an ordinary hammer can help us at any time. However, sometimes we cannot solve problems with a “common” hammer. That is because you have to get a hammer different from the traditional one that fulfills the functions you need. 

Dozens of hammers types can help you on different occasions. However, there is a hammer that adapts to any need due to its unique design. It is the Warrington hammer. Without a doubt, you should have one of these hammers in your toolbox. 

What is a Warrington Hammer? 🛠️

You might wonder what’s so special about this hammer, and the answer is that it can be used for multiple woodworking tasks. It comes in different sizes, weights, and designs depending on its intended use and the job it needs to accomplish. 

This hammer is easy to get in hardware stores, although, in case they do not have it, you can go to distributors and find them much faster online on buying and selling websites, such as Amazon.

Mainly, what characterizes this hammer is that it has two heads. It has a rounded look at one end, which is characteristic of these tools. At the other end, it has a feathery, flattened, triangular shape.  

What is a Warrington hammer used for?

What to consider when buying a Warrington hammer?

To buy a Warrington hammer, you should consider several points regarding its use. First, analyze the construction or the use to which it will be put, that is, what you need it for. Also, check that the hammer is the right size for your hand or the hand of the person who will use it, as it could be uncomfortable if it is different from the correct size.

You also need to think about the handle material. There are Warrington hammers with wooden, metal, or plastic handles. Quality is essential, as these hammers usually last a lifetime, so you probably have one in your toolbox. If you don’t, you should get one.  

What is a Warrington hammer used for?

The Warrington hammer is used for several activities; in particular, it is helpful for not hammering your fingers. Its design allows you to hold small nails without fearing hitting a finger. If you see that a hammer is hefty, it is because its function is to shape the metal with the feather. 

The other end drives the nail after using the other side to start the tack. On the other hand, the Warrington hammer is very effective for woodworking. The Warrington hammer was created to be used in the most challenging areas to reach with a regular hammer. At being smaller in size, the Warrington hammer can get into little places, such as corners. 

Lighter hammers are used for craft work, for assembling small, lightweight boxes, or for simple, less complex household repairs. On the other hand, heavier hammers are used for more complex tasks, such as construction or more serious carpentry work.

Tips for using a Warrington hammer

To get the most out of your Warrington hammer, you should take some precautions and consider some tips to avoid unforeseen events. Before you start hammering, we recommend that you wear protective gloves and goggles, as the nail could break, as well as the walls or other materials on which the Warrington will impact.

  • Please do not use the side of the hammer, as it does not have the same firmness as the hammerhead. This side part is where the hammer handle passes through. Therefore the material is more fragile and more easily damaged.
  • If you are working on wood (which is very sensitive), use a punch to protect the wood from blows.
  • To avoid breaking the surface, you need to use wood between the nail and the hammer to absorb the blow and not damage the main base. 
  • Always check the uses of each hammer to avoid making a mistake when doing your job, as a poor choice of hammer could cost you the whole job.
  • While this hammer could last you a lifetime, it is sometimes necessary to maintain it, as the ends can become deformed. On the other hand, the handle could loosen or be made of wood. It could also shrink or fly off and hit someone.
  • The best option to prevent accidents in case the handle has loosened is to soak the head of the hammer, whose handle is made of wood, in water. That will cause the wood to widen and return to its original (firm) state after a couple of hours.