What screws to use on plastic?

How to screw plastic

The principle of the plastic screws and plastic fasteners K’ in K’ is based on a special thread profile with two offset half-threads, which have to self-form or self-tap a receiving thread into the cylindrical or conical housing made in the first instance. This is done in order to integrate other fastening elements in definitive joints or not and which are with anti-rotation locking system, self-tapping, self-locking, self-tapping, adjustable and for the compensation of tolerances.

Plastic screws and plastic fasteners K’ in K’ are used in a wide variety of applications. In the automotive industry, they are used for fastening instrument panels, as well as for mounting brackets and fastening lights. Similarly, K’ in K’ plastic screws and plastic fasteners are also used in the manufacture of office furniture.

These plastic screws and plastic fasteners for plastics allow easy disposal of waste. In contrast to metal inserts, the separation of metal and plastic parts is not time-consuming.

How to put a screw in plastic

As you probably know, there is a suitable screw for each task depending on the type of material where it is to be screwed, the nature of the DIY work we are doing, and so on. Today, we talk about the types of wood screws – get to know them!

Wood may seem the most suitable product to use screws, but this is true only in case you use the right piece of hardware and the right tools. Because wood, even if it seems to have the right qualities, often splinters. Not to mention other joinery materials such as chipboard, which tend to crumble.

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Screw for plastics

Due to the asymmetrical thread geometry, the forces occurring during screwing are directed in the intended direction in order to obtain a thread that holds the screw along the entire length of the shank. The goal is that after the relaxation phase, the plastic has penetrated as deeply as possible between the thread pitches. In order to improve the material flow, the thread flank pointing away from the screw head is provided with a radius. This results in a high degree of contact between the plastic and the screw. The sharper side of the thread flank pointing towards the screw head compensates for the axially displaced plastic, thus allowing a greater overlap of the thread flank. The tapering flank angle towards the thread tip reduces radial stresses, which can lead to nipple breakage. The sharp flank of the asymmetrical thread leads to high pull-out resistance, both in terms of tensile force and torque.

Plastic Car Screws

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