Why use a mallet instead of a hammer?

Difference between mallet and hammer

Wood mallets: are generally used in carpentry to join pieces of wood, or to hammer in dowels or chisels. A wooden mallet will not deform the striking end of a metal tool, as most metal hammers will.

Meat mallets: they tenderize or crush meat. Made of wood or metal, they are typically two-sided, one flat or slightly protruding, the other with more pronounced protrusions. Their use has declined with the invention of meat cube machines and other electric tenderizers, but they are still readily available in kitchen stores and for professional use.

Rawhide mallets, which may employ rawhide covering a steel head, or simply consist of rolled rawhide, are used for leatherwork, jewelry, and the assembly of electric motors and delicate machinery.

Beetle mallets are large mallets with a circular wooden or plastic head, rounded ends approximately 380 to 460 mm (15 to 18 in.) in diameter, and a handle approximately 0.91 m (3 ft.) long. It is used by pavers to set pavers into position when placing them in the bedding. Beetles are also used in jobs such as timber framing to shift the bases of large wooden posts, to fit joints, and to drive dowel pins.

What is a sledge hammer used for?

Hammers are generally used by various professionals when performing their daily tasks, so they are one of the most used tools by all kinds of mechanics, carpenters and builders, as well as many users who perform DIY tasks, therefore, if you plan to use one of these tools, you must do it safely.

Hammers are very common tools, so we can find them in virtually every home, as they are used to perform many tasks such as driving nails of all kinds and remove some that are bent or misplaced, break objects, among others. In the market you can find a great variety of models, each of which has a specific function. Among the best known are the carpenter’s hammer, the war hammer, the sheet metal hammer, the shear hammer, the ball-peen hammer, the mechanical hammer, etc.

On the other hand, the handle is a vital part for the use of this tool, since it is used to grip and direct this tool. On the market, you can find hammer models made of metal, plastic or wood. Most models of metal hammers have a rubberized handle, which improves the grip and comfort to the touch, increasing the ergonomics of the tool and preventing it from slipping out of your hands, so many professionals believe that they are among the best hammers today.

What the hammer is used for

However, in the hardware store there are hammers that are preferably used for specific tasks. Today you will learn about the essential characteristics of these elements, the types and their functions.

– Handle: this is the long part of the hammer that is used to direct the blow. It is almost always made of wood or metal with a rubber lining to prevent it from slipping. This is one of the characteristics you should pay attention to when making your choice.

Also called alcotana, it is used in the repair and smoothing of metal parts. There are different types of these hammers, from flat tips to milled tips. It is known as the body shop hammer because it is widely used with cars. The most common ones are the ones with flat or convex impact zone.

Even the most common people perform work or repairs at home and sometimes these become a pleasant pastime, however, it is necessary to take certain precautions when handling different tools to avoid possible injuries.

Types of mallet

One of the most traditional hammer versions is the well-known claw hammer. This tool is distinguished by having one end of the head or hammer rounded, for driving nails, and the other curved downward and with a groove in the middle in the form of a claw. Thus, they are obtained by means of a lever. This type of hammer is used especially in carpentry work.

A hammer with a sharp beak and a cutting mouth is used for discarding and chipping the remains of welding work. The handle, possibly made of wood or iron, is welded and consolidated to the head.