How do you detox your body from BPA?

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– Buy more fresh food and cook it. We will reduce the intake of potentially toxic compounds present in packaging, especially if it is plastic or has a resin inner lining.

– Read the list of ingredients of the foods we buy packaged. If the list is long or contains substances that we do not know the technical names (for example, “propyl propyl disulfide”), we should reject the food.

– Make a good cleaning of the cleaning cabinet. Throw away (with due precautions) all products marked with a red diamond with a warning icon inside (indicating that the product is corrosive, irritant, dangerous for the environment, etc.). Replace them with a little vinegar or lemon, scouring pad, mop, etc. Two more tricks, one easy to follow and one not so easy, from an article by Katie Wells:

– First the easy one: be outside more. The indoor environment of homes and offices is far more toxic-laden than the air outside… even in a busy city. If you can’t get out much, at least ventilate regularly.

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Bisphenol A (BPA) is an additive used to harden plastic with endocrine disrupting properties. This additive can pass into the contents of a food container and in the body is capable of interfering with the hormonal system and increasing the risk of developing reproductive, metabolic and even cancer diseases.

Accumulating evidence led to a ban on its use in baby bottles in 2010. Reports of its negative health effects have led to a demand for “BPA-free” products and many manufacturers have rushed to offer their alternatives for plastic bottles, cups and other plastic items that come into contact with beverages and food.

Scientists believe that other bisphenols – such as bisphenol S or bisphenols F, BPS and BPF – that are being used in these alternative products also behave like female hormones in the human body.

They found this out by testing all of these bisphenols in human testicular cell cultures. The researchers found that the other bisphenols reduced testosterone production in the same way that bisphenol A did.

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Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is a toxic contaminant often found in plastic, such as water bottles, food containers, etcetera. It is strongly linked to diseases such as cancer, deformities, as well as a significant impact on the embryonic development of brain cells, which control the reproductive genes of life.

While one way to reduce the impact of BPA on the body is to reduce consumption of the plastic, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, USA, have now developed a chemical catalyst that can effectively remove BPA molecules from water in as little as 30 minutes. It is an economical, effective and healthy method that removes up to 90 percent of BPA residues in water. In the words of one of the researchers, Terrence Collins, “We have solved a research problem equivalent to more than billions of dollars. This treatment can be done by anyone, anywhere, with any amount of water.”

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