How do you dispose of old pictures and negatives?

Old photo negatives

You can open or import a catalog from a previous version of Lightroom Classic, including a beta version, into a newer version of Lightroom Classic. When you do so, Lightroom Classic updates it. The newly updated catalog contains all the metadata associated with the catalog and the older photos.

If you want backward compatibility, keep the old files (files that do not contain – in the name).  You can delete the old files when backward compatibility is no longer needed.

Deleting a catalog will delete any work you have done in Lightroom Classic that you have not saved in the photo files. Although previews are deleted, the original photos that are linked are not deleted.

How to view photo negatives with your cell phone

We are sure that one of the things we are doing during these unlucky days is to take advantage to finish things we had pending, such as scanning our old photographs to view them on our computers. But we would like to improve their color. Today we are going to see the simplest method that exists to recover the color of our old photographic stories.

There are few things as tiresome and at the same time as rewarding as scanning our negatives, positives and slides. It is to remember a past time that surely was better than what we are living now. And for this reason we think it is a good idea to rescue them.

It can be done with all the programs on the market but this time I am going to explain it with Adobe Photoshop. It is the most popular program and the one that almost everyone has at hand. But in any software that has Levels -or even Curves- adjustment layers it can be done.

On these occasions it is essential. The color we find depends on the type of material, maintenance and other things that do not come to mind now. The change can be more or less spectacular. And if we do it well, it may seem that the photographs are just a month old when we could go out in the street.

Converting negatives to digital photos

Over time, the Telegram app can eat up a good part of your precious mobile storage. Just like WhatsApp, if you want to free up space on your phone, you can delete photos and videos from Telegram.

If you want to clean up Telegram, a good starting point is to delete conversations you no longer need, whether they are from people you no longer have contact with or with bots you tried once and no more. By deleting past conversations you will not only recover some space on your phone, but it will be easier for you to find the chats you care about in the list.

Telegram allows you to delete any message at any time, both for you and for other people, and the same applies to entire conversations. To delete, select the chats you want to delete and press the trash can icon. In conversations with humans (i.e. not bots) you are asked if you want to delete the chat for the other person as well.

When you delete a chat, all photos, videos and files that have been downloaded to the mobile in the chat are deleted, so it is a quick way to free up space if you are in channels where a lot of multimedia content is sent.

App to view photo negatives

Photographic development is the process carried out to make the latent image present on a photographic plate or film visible. When it is done on photosensitive paper from a negative, it is called “printing” or enlarging the negative.[1] The process of developing varies according to the process and the photographic material used.

The development process varies according to the process and photographic material being used; in black and white, it usually consists of seven steps for developing the negative, five for developing the paper, in the case of using resin paper, and eight for fiber paper.[citation needed][citation needed