What can I do with an old camera?

Old cameras names

Specifically, it offers more than 30 Polaroid-like image filters, different colors for frames, the ability to write on top with fonts that mimic handwriting, and you can even mimic smudges or fingerprints to make your digital photo look like a scanned original Polaroid.

If you have an iPhone, you can turn it into an old camera with Vintage Camera (iPhone, which in addition to taking photos with the two cameras, front and rear, allows you to import it from the film to apply the effect.

Antique Cameras

How many times have you wanted to take a picture of a landscape you are looking at but when you take it, it doesn’t come out the same as you see it? This is largely due to the differences between the human eye and cameras. However, camera lenses and their internal mechanism are mainly designed to mimic our vision. From the blog of the Instituto Oftalmológico Fernández-Vega we reveal the similarities and differences between the human eye and the camera.

Broadly speaking, we can say that their similarities are based on the basic functioning of both. However, it must be taken into account that the anatomy of our eye is much more complex than that of a camera.

As already mentioned, the anatomy of the human eye is much more complex than that of a camera. For example, it is very difficult to calculate the resolution that our eyes can offer. The image we capture through our eyes is not fixed and varies by creating different fields of view, more like a video camera.

Antique film camera

Nowadays we take a lot of pictures with our phones. The immediacy of taking it, open the camera and capture the instant makes that throughout the day are many images and videos that we store.

However, despite the latest technology, those of us who are nostalgic for old photographs and videos miss the charm of the graphic documents captured with cameras that today are considered “vintage”.

So that you don’t have to resort to filters like those on Instagram, we bring you a selection of Apps that can’t miss on the smartphone of vintage photography and video lovers. Get ready to download them all!

A must-have App for Android devices. Give a different touch to your photos with its sepia filters and frames. You can easily make a photo taken today look like it was taken in the last century. Do you have an Android phone? Don’t wait any longer to download it!

With it, your videos will look like they were recorded on VHS. It is one of the best apps to record vintage videos imitating the effect of the old 8mm cameras, giving a nostalgic effect to your recordings. You will be surprised by all the potential it has. Download it and make the most of it!

What to do with an old video camera

Cameras consist of an enclosed camera obscura, with an opening at one end to allow light to enter, and a flat image-forming or viewing surface to capture the light at the other end. Most cameras have a lens formed of lenses, located in front of the camera aperture to control the incoming light and to focus the image, or part of the image. The diameter of this aperture (known as the aperture) is usually changed with a diaphragm, although some lenses have fixed apertures.

While the aperture and the brightness of the scene control the amount of light entering per unit time, in the camera during the photographic process, the shutter controls the amount of time the light hits the recording surface. For example, in low light situations, the shutter speed will be slower (longer open time) to allow the film to receive the amount of light needed to ensure correct exposure.