Can old eye glasses be recycled?

What to do with broken lenses

Most of our patients when they finish their treatment are wondering what to do with their old glasses, since once they have corrected their refractive defects or presbyopia problems they no longer need to wear glasses.

Glasses with prescription lenses are a medical device that may be used for you. However, for a person from a less developed country it may be the solution to all their vision problems. With this idea, there are many opticians that collect them to donate the glasses to people in need.

On the other hand, we have a glasses case that is usually so thin that it is not suitable for sunglasses. If we have no one to give it to, we may just throw it away. Instead of throwing away the glasses case, we can give it a totally different use as a transport for the cables of our gadgets.

This way, either in our day to day, or when we go traveling, we will have all the chargers and cables of the gadgets we use the most at hand and without getting tangled. As you can see, this is a simple way to contribute to those in need and to avoid generating more garbage.

Lions Club Lens Bank

We all know what glasses are. They are a sanitary complement, necessary for all those people who have alterations in their vision. A pair of glasses consists of the frame and the lens, which will be altered so that, through it, the user can see normally.

If you have any of these alterations, it is very likely that you have one or more pairs of glasses to help you see. Do you want to know what to do with them when they break, you no longer want or need them? Read on.

Glasses that are no longer useful should be taken back to the place where they were purchased. Most of the points of sale of glasses have collection systems, where they treat them and donate them to other people who can use them.

The lenses can be changed from one frame to another.

Do not hesitate to go to these entities with your old glasses! You can bring all types of glasses (sunglasses, reading glasses, …) or even just the frame or lenses. These organizations are in charge of selecting and recovering them (and managing them properly in case they cannot be recovered).

This is the new, more convenient, faster and cheaper way to learn how to correctly manage all the waste that we all inevitably generate, thus participating in the creation of more sustainable societies and smarter cities.

Lions lens club

Did you know that the glasses you do not use can be donated to various NGOs so that other people can see with them, we did not know, until one day a client told us when he saw his mother’s glasses in the apartment we were emptying that we should give them to him because in his optician’s shop they were collecting them for a social project.

After asking and seeing on the Internet the many projects that are behind the recycling of glasses now whenever we do the work of emptying an apartment in Barcelona and we see glasses we keep them and when we have a large amount we deliver them to the many recycling points of glasses that exist.