Will Walmart take your old TV?

What do you do when your old TV doesn’t work anymore? Do you give it away to a family member or friend who doesn’t have one? Is there another way to do something with it? The answer to this question is wide-ranging.

If you’re inquiring about it and have ever heard that Walmart takes your old TV, well, below, we’ll tell you all about this query. You’ll find out that there is one way to do it, in addition to others.

Recycle your old TV with Walmart

Let’s say your TV from a few years ago no longer has any use because the screen is damaged or has a damaged part. An excellent way to get rid of it is to recycle it. You can do this with Walmart.

In most US states, this retail company has different collection centers for electronic devices. This way, you can recycle your old TV.

Finding one of these Walmart recycling points is easy. Just log on to the Manufacturers Recycling Management (MRM) website. From there, you’ll find sites near you to recycle your old TV with Walmart.

Tip: in addition to TVs, this collection center also accepts tablets, laptops, cell phones, and any other used electronic device that no longer works and you want to dispose of.

Other eco-friendly ways to dispose of your old TVs

Like Walmart’s online platform for receiving old TVs, the US Federal Government has an environmental protection program. EPA is in charge of it. You may have heard the name in “The Simpsons” movie; yes, it exists! Its function is the same: to take care of the planet.

As electronic devices are also pollutants, the task of this national agency is to recycle old televisions, among other similar ones. As with Walmart’s collection centers, EPA also has several locations in your area.

On the other hand, Best Buy also takes CRT (old) TVs (less than 32 inches) and LED (flat screen) TVs no larger than 50 inches. You only have to pay a $30 disposal fee, so it’s pretty affordable if you’re looking to avoid creating more unnecessary trash.

In addition to these sites, there are other platforms where you can find out how to get rid of your old TV:

Try to sell your unused TV on the Internet

A good alternative is to go to popular websites for selling used electronics. If, for example, you had in mind to organize a garage sale, but you don’t have enough stuff for it, this is the best solution if you want to sell your old TV.

eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, are reputable and safe platforms to sell your TV from a few years ago that has no use in your home. Indeed, the social network, Facebook, is an alternative that will be easy for you to use, as it has been with us for a long time.

Fact: If you use Craigslist, be careful who you do business with. Although it is trendy in the USA, it is a place that lends itself to many scams. So it is always advisable to go to the site accompanied by someone. You can also check the buyer’s contact information to be sure.

There are other sites like Nextdoor and Buy Nothing where you can sell your old TV, in case you don’t have a Walmart or EPA collection center in your county.

How do I dispose of an old or broken TV?

You have several options to dispose of your TV that no longer works. Among them, we can highlight the following:

  • Donate your TV. Many charity shops take in TVs that are broken. Don’t take it if it’s trashed. Keep in mind that you may have to take it to the place on your own.
  • Take it to a recycling center. As we have already seen, there are usually several places in your area, either Walmart or EPA. Check to see if you have to bring the TV or if they have a pick-up service at your home.
  • Return it to the manufacturer. Some companies will take in TVs that are no longer useful to recycle or do something with their parts. Contact the company for more information.
  • Sell it at an affordable price. If you know someone who needs a TV and yours works, but it’s old, you can make a good deal.
  • Give it away! Someone will probably be thrilled to find a TV if they are low-income and can’t afford one.
  • Call a junk disposal service. Several companies provide these services and will take care of getting rid of your old TV without having to leave your home.

While you can go to Walmart or Best Buy to recycle that TV you have in the living room but rarely turn on, you also have other options depending on the needs or intentions you have in mind to remove it from your home. We recommend you recycle because it is the best for the environment.