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06 June 2017 As you know we usually propose you to recycle and give a new use to materials, objects and furniture that you have around the house. Today we propose you to create from scratch a sign using chicken wire and wooden slats. To decorate our sign we are going to use Artemio’s wooden letters and milk paint in different colors. The milk paint or milk paint is a new paint that we have used on several occasions and today we wanted to use it to see if we were able to give a new texture, more sandy, to the wood. We leave you a video with the step by step of our sign with chicken wire.

If you want to see more about our sign and the use of milk paint, you can not miss our Thursday section in Madrid Contigo, the morning program of Telemadrid. Last week we talked about milk paint and chicken wire. We leave you the direct link to the Telemadrid website: HERE.

To assemble our sign with chicken wire we are going to find that the most complicated are the miter cuts for the wooden frame. If we have a miter saw at home, the job can be very simple. But if we don’t have that tool we can substitute it with a hand saw and a miter frame.

Chicken wire

A few months ago I finally decided to put family photos at home. Can you believe that with the hundreds of photos I treasure on my hard drive and cell phone, I barely had one or two photos hanging around the house? Yes, I do!

I had been seeing pictures on Pinterest of “moodboards” and pictures made with colored frames and chicken wire, so I thought this would be a good way to display photos, notes or drawings of the little ones and change them without having to take down pictures or remove frames. I’m one of those who get tired of always seeing the same thing.

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Then, taking the measurements of the frame, I cut the chicken wire with the help of the pliers with dimensions a little smaller than the frame, which I stapled on the back, trying to tighten it as much as possible.

Patricia is a technical architect and was born in Madrid, apart from her profession, her creativity has led her to create Remake Lab, a company for restoration and recycling of furniture and objects in disuse, to find the beautiful side of things. He likes to spend his free time with his friends and family. In addition, she is passionate about new challenges and makes her life an adventure every day.

We hope you liked this DIY and the new section! Thank you Patricia, for being part of our blog!  If you dare to make this DIY we would love you to share it on Instagram with us through #errequeerrediy and naming us @hervideroideas.

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We mark and drill, for the center the drill bit is No. 9 and for the other holes I used No. 6, I have to say that the bulbs that I am going to put are led so it is not necessary to make many holes because it does not heat anything at all.

What a good idea, Jose. I totally agree with you, we have to reuse more things, and try to generate less garbage.a hug and enjoy the lamp!

I think you have so many unique and original things in your house in the village and so beautiful that you would have to leave a day a week (like museums) so that everyone could see it.un abrazoomaru

I think about it ha ha ha … ys you know I like to make things and make them to my taste especially for home that Yoli also likes, of course, Thank you very much Maru for your comments.a big kiss.Jose and Yoli