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Using good quality paint can save you time and costs in any decorating project, since you will need to paint more coats with a poor quality paint to achieve the results that a good paint can offer you in only one or two coats. If you hire a painter, he will have to work longer, which will cause you more costs.  Good quality paint will also last longer in the long run, and will resist stains and moisture better.

With so many choices of paint brands available, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your home. This list can help you find a good quality paint for your needs.

Benjamin Moore is one of the most recommended brands by painters and interior decorators. This company has been offering good quality paints since 1883, and is constantly perfecting its products to offer its customers the best finishes. Benjamin Moore offers more than 3,000 shades, so you will have no problem finding the best color for your home. Benjamin Moore Aura is a little more expensive than other lines offered by Benjamin Moore, but its fluidity, convertibility in one coat and finish are worth the extra cost. Benjamin Moore Regal is a less expensive option if you are watching your wallet, which will also give you very good results.

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Currently, techniques for painting smooth or rough walls there are many, many other tools and finishes in a range that we can literally get lost in a thousand colors and reliefs that really surprise.

Use the technique of “color blocking” which is about combining pieces, objects and surfaces of different colors, mainly in planes and with colors that stand out or use special rollers with reliefs that will print the paint with drawings on the surface imitating the style of wallpaper but with a tempting finish.

An infinite number of finishes can offer us from the portal Pintores Madrid from the quality and professionalism, in addition to offering these eleven ideas and tricks to paint the walls and not screw up.

In this article we will give guidelines on how to paint walls and methods of a coherent and simple way from the perspective of a professional, so before going to buy anything, let’s review some necessary ideas.

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There are basically 3 different procedures to remove paint from a wooden surface, whether it is a piece of furniture, a door or even a hardwood or parquet floor. Each one has its advantages over the others. Some are faster, others require more work or maybe some special tools. But first…

When it is in very poor condition, peeling or flaking. Otherwise applying a layer of material on the old layer in poor condition will not allow proper adhesion, in addition to obtaining a lousy finish.

One of the most common ways to remove varnish or paint from wood is by sanding. It is one of the most common options to remove thin layers of material. Usually a sandpaper is used manually, with a wooden or rubber block, so as not to deform the surface and to exert more pressure on it.

For thicker layers, corners and furniture, the use of an orbital sander is more recommended. With manual sanders the work will be done faster and with less physical effort. For hard wood floors or hard surfaces and less care is used the belt sander, with which to remove harder materials, and remove thicker layers of material, including polishing the wood to renew its color.


Previously available at Home Depot, no longer carried there. RLP PAINT can be purchased at a Ralph Lauren However, Home Depot store. Unlike huge PAINT manufacturers like Valspar, Sherwin Williams, or Benjamin Moore, you won’t find every color under the sun.

Priming is best. If you have to do two coats of PAINT to cover the old color, why not use a good primer or primer/sealer and one coat of a good PAINT? Most people do say otherwise, but primer does stick to old paint much better than new paint will. Use one coat of primer and one coat of PAINT.

Priming. A primer coat is sometimes optional if the textured wall has been previously painted. However, it is mandatory when painting a textured wall. This is because the textured medium will absorb the paint as it is applied, resulting in an uneven and blotchy color.

Benjamin Moore & Co, also known as Benjamin Moore Paints or simply Benjamin Moore, is an American company that produces PAINT. It is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Founded in 1883, Benjamin Moore is headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey.