What kind of paint do you use on plastic car interior?

How to restore car interior plastics

In this article about how to paint the interior of a car; we offer you a detailed guide to do it like a real expert. Just follow the step by step and you will get the look you were looking for.

There are many people who decide to turn their cars into real walking jewels. They not only dedicate hours to keep it impeccable on the outside, but also on the inside. That is why we wanted to offer you how to paint the interior of a car and get it done in a professional way.

It is very important to take into account the color that the car already has on the outside. When choosing the color of the internal parts, it must look harmonious. Even if they are different colors, they must match each other.

On the other hand, regarding the type of paint to use. The ideal is the acrylic or elastomeric base; since it allows a better finish. However, it should not be applied directly on plastic parts or derivatives of this. Because it tends to detach easily. The most advisable is to apply a primer base for plastic.

Autozone plastic paint

A paint for plastics has the same purpose as any other paint: to allow the re-establishment of the coating layers necessary to carry out a repair with guaranteed quality and durability.

Adhesion promoters or primers for plastics are available in spray or aerosol format. The application of these products is essential to promote adhesion and reduce or eliminate the risk of products applied to bare plastic peeling off over time.

Before applying this type of paint for plastic, the surface must be sanded with the appropriate grain for each stage of the repair and then cleaned with a cleaner such as TEROSON VR 10. Then apply a light coat of the product and allow the indicated evaporation time (5-10 minutes) to elapse before applying the paint. An example of a primer widely used for plastics is TEROSON 150.

Auto Panel Paint

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Matt black plastic paint

Doing crafts, works and making some arrangements at home on different surfaces, is a very easy and fun task when you have the right materials, but how many times have you tried without getting the results you expect?

It doesn’t matter if you paint on wood, glass, plastic, fabric, plaster, among others, today we want to share with you the best tips to make everything you do look great and achieve the ideal finish on any material.

Before getting down to work and to avoid any inconvenience, you must take care of the preparation of the products you are going to use. There is always an ideal type of paint for each material, a clear example is if you are going to make a craft on plastic bottles, on which you should ideally apply oil or acrylic paints.

Many times before painting a surface such as plastic bottles or flat surfaces it is advisable to make a previous sanding to eliminate any relief or pore, you can achieve it with a standard sandpaper making firm and circular moments.