Can metal paint be used on plastic?

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We can use any of the three options or just one of them, but we recommend that whenever you are going to paint plastic use a primer, which will help the paint to hold without problems and also gives hardness to the color layer. This way the paint will last much longer on the plastic.

To paint plastic using brush, brush or roller we always recommend you to choose the most suitable tool. There are specific brushes and rollers for each type of paint and for each material. I know it may seem that in the end it is all about buying, but the results vary a lot if the brush has soft fibers or the roller is of quality. Here is a list of the materials we have used to paint plastic:

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Apart from these positive peculiarities of spray paint lacquer, every workshop professional has to take into account the limitations of these products, since they are the ones that will determine those situations in which they should not be used to prevent the repair and the finish from losing quality.

With regard to the constitution of the container, the aerosol varnishes are usually supplied in 400 ml cans and have a mixer inside that allows the components to be mixed correctly and homogeneously. In addition, some brands include two types of sprayers, one that imitates the fan of a spray gun and the other that sprays in a more concentrated way.

The range of spray lacquers is not as varied as that available for 2K lacquers applied with a spray gun. Basically, the following spray lacquer qualities can be distinguished:

Spray lacquers have gained ground in certain paint jobs. However, they are products with very specific characteristics and limitations that the workshop professional or the individual user of the product must be aware of in order to get the best out of them. The appearance of bicomponent products has improved the performance of traditional spray paints in order to widen the range of applications and improve their hardness, resistance and the quality obtained.

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Using spray paint is an excellent way to renovate old objects, redecorate them and give them a new look. If you use the right product, you can even paint plastic objects with spray paint. This way, it’s easy to give life to anything from outdoor furniture, switch covers, picture frames to toys and much more. To make sure you cover the object with paint properly, it is important to clean and sand the object before painting. Otherwise, the paint will not be able to adhere to the surface of the object properly. Also, when using spray paint, it is important that you work in a well-ventilated area to protect yourself from the fumes.

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On the other hand, using this type of paints, you can create a durable, uniform and shiny coating. In addition, surfaces painted with polyurethane acquire a high resistance to aggressive environmental influences.

It seems somewhat obvious; however, you should keep it very much in mind. Using quality equipment and doing it in the right space can be the difference between a perfect, long-lasting finish and one that is not worth remembering.

Using a metallic or pearlescent paint is the first step in defining the type of finish you want. Watch out! Both will give you a shiny result; however, each has its peculiarities. For example:

Both are excellent options, but that difference makes the cost of one (pearlescent) increase. That is why metallic paint is usually used in sports cars and pearlized paint in luxury family vehicles.

The first one uses anti-corrosive paint, also known as primer or base paint, and is mainly used to prevent rust and help identify imperfections in the sheet metal. If there are any, they must be sanded to be corrected.