Does chrome spray paint work on plastic?

Splendor chrome paint

If you like to paint everything and do it to your liking, in this post we want to share with you information about chrome paint for crafts and customization of objects, as well as explaining how to use it in the best possible way.

The chrome paint is composed of a series of chemicals that applied in the right way are responsible for depositing a layer, chrome effect, on any type of surface you want to paint. This type of paint has become very popular for modeling works, decoration of figures, car rims or any other customizable object.

Models, canvases, plastics, metals, miniatures or glass are just some of the main supports where you can paint with these paints. Therefore, we wanted to share with you our results on different surfaces:

Using the chrome effect paint is not a difficult task, but with the products that we want to share with you below. You will only need to have previously used spray paint, brush, marker or airbrush.

How to spray paint chrome

If you are looking for products to paint on chrome, now you can buy them directly in our online store. See our best products for this type of painting, … and buy without waitingPainting on chrome requires following a specific procedure and using a particular technique. The chrome has a very polished surface and free of pores, so it is usual that paints can not adhere to it. To paint on chrome with good results, at Lecker’s we propose a practical and easy to apply alternative, either for interior or exterior.

The first thing to do is to apply PRIMER 1K METALS primer. This primer is completely transparent and fast drying. Applying a thin layer on the chrome we obtain an exceptional adhesion. Once the primer has dried, the finish can be applied. The PRIMER 1k METALS allows you to use any type of finishing enamel with the total security that we will obtain a correct adherence, avoiding the paint to jump and come off.

Where to buy plastic chrome paint

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Chrome paint for plastic

The piece already cleaned of grease, is immersed in a tank containing chromic acid solution (20 – 30 %) at about 80ºC. This “dissolves” one of the components of these plastics, generating micropores on the surface of the part.

After the part is washed with water, it is immersed in a 1% palladium chloride solution at 70ºC to activate the plastic, that is, to make it electrically conductive, and then it is dried by means of hot air dryers.

There are methods in which copper sulfate is used in the presence of sodium or potassium cyanide at 32-38ºC with currents of 2A per dm2, but it requires special care due to the toxicity of the gases emitted.

and chromic dichromate. Although some is lost by “carryover”, its concentration should not be allowed to become excessive, since trivalent chromium compounds have the effect of narrowing the limits of the working conditions of the bright chrome plating solution and decreasing its conductivity. On the other hand, a moderate concentration of trivalent chromium seems to increase somewhat the penetrating power of the solution.