What can I do with leftover paint trays?

How to make a mosaic tile – Hogarmanía

We sand the box with the sponge sandpaper, going over the whole box, including the inside. Optional: you can pass a second pass with the fine sandpaper, as I have also put in the materials that was optional. This way it will be much finer to the touch. Do it as you prefer.

Paint the whole box, also inside and outside. It is not necessary to put a lot of paint, it is preferable to go little by little, and especially stretch the paint well. The finish is better and also accelerate the drying process of the paint, so that you can continue with the next steps. You can give it two coats if you want but for this technique I have used I think it is not necessary. Before proceeding, let it dry very well.

After making sure that the box is completely dry, you can pass the fine sandpaper again, because when painting, as the paint has water in it, the wood is again a bit scratchy, as if some very fine hairs have been lifted. If you do this step, remember to wipe it again to remove the dust.


You need to cover a large surface with color, but you don’t have any tools; that’s when the question arises: should I use a paint roller or a paint spray gun? It is not a simple decision, they are two very useful tools for any home or business, necessary to give life to new projects or start a remodeling.

On the one hand, we have the more traditional tool: the paint roller. It can be said that there are few who have not picked one up to cover a ceiling or wall and practically everyone has had one around. It’s used in homes, offices and businesses thanks to its wide versatility.  But why is it so beloved?

As a bonus, you should know that you can find refillable paint rollers. These tools have an integrated reservoir for continuous painting; in addition, they have a system that allows you to avoid splashes and spills in a great way.

Finally, remember that you can make use of a roller paint tray. Although it is not mandatory, it can help you make better use of the paint and facilitate the work of wetting the roller. This piece has a larger space than the roller tray.

What to do with plastic fruit crates

Before you start giving your first coat of color to that wall, it is always good to take precautions to avoid staining everything and making a circus. Therefore, in today’s post from Pinturas Lepanto we tell you the golden rules you should follow: cleanliness and order.

We remind you the post we wrote a few months ago in which we explained the most common mistakes and the keys to go from beginner to professional. Painting may seem a complicated task but in reality it is more a matter of patience and attention, now you just need to choose the paint and get down to work!


What is not thrown away does not contaminate and therefore does not need to be recycled. That is to say, the first thing we should consider is the need to reduce our own waste. How to do it? By becoming aware of the importance of not wasting food through responsible purchasing and cooking, and by opting for reusable materials. It is the rule of the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Much of the garbage we generate is produced by spoiled food and the tyranny of plastic that invades everything. Reducing waste and adopting more sustainable practices, such as buying in bulk or reusing non-polluting packaging, is a great first step.

There are those who manage to reduce their waste to a minimum, but as it is not easy we can apply at home a basic separation of waste for recycling. To do this we must be very clear about what we are separating and where each product should be deposited. The kitchen is the area of the house that generates more waste, and also of the most problematic by the diversity of natures.