Can you freeze KFC mashed potatoes and gravy?

You can freeze the mashed potatoes.

What is fatty about this dish is that it is easy, that you have it clear. I have opted for the fast way as for the potatoes because I had a bag of potatoes in the freezer (I consider that it is better with these, although of any other type they would go perfectly), but the ideal is that we peel some potatoes, cut them and fry them, in abundant oil.

We take the opportunity to fry the bacon. We will not even use oil, because we want it to release fat and to be done in it. Let it fry a lot, without burning it, for two reasons, less fat it will have and more crispy it will be.

Stir the sauce, which should have reached a certain solidification. If it seems excessive, pour the remaining cream that we had previously reserved, but it should be consistent and not liquid, but to suit your taste. Once it has the color it should have and we have finished with the sauce, we are ready to plate it.

How long can mashed potatoes be stored for?

We already know how long some foods will keep in the refrigerator. We also know which foods should not be frozen. Now it’s time to find out which products CAN be put in the freezer without risk of spoiling.this appliance is a great ally in the kitchen, especially in times of not leaving the house or when we are trying to save and want to make the most of the offers. This implies a lot of order and also knowing some basic rules such as never refreeze a food that has already been frozen.Advertisement

Those products can’t go back into the freezer, but there are many others that can and you probably had no idea. HuffPost Food has compiled some of the more eye-catching ones.1. Avocados to make guacamoleAdvertisement

GETTY IMAGESTeveryone loves guacamole, and you’re probably panicking at the thought of a world without avocados. Relax. Although thawed avocados are less tasty (in salads, for example, they’re not as good) because they lose a bit of their consistency, they’re still very tasty for use in sauces. Wash them before peeling, cut them in half and peel them. Then freeze them in halves or mashed with something acidic like lime or lemon, and store in bags that can be easily opened and closed. They last up to eight months.2. HumusAdvertising

How to defrost mashed potatoes

The perfect mashed potato is not so easy to achieve, it is not just a matter of boiling a few pieces of potato in a pot, we must take into account a series of simple steps to not fail, so when you try it homemade and creamy, you will never again resort to commercial preparations. That is why today I bring you the keys to achieve the perfect mashed potato.

The first fundamental step to achieve a good result is that, just as not all potatoes are suitable for frying, not all are suitable for cooking. To elaborate mashed potatoes we need potatoes of a floury variety, whether they are late, semi-late or early, but with a sufficient amount of starch.

Among them we have the most common varieties called Baraka, Desiree, Duchesse, Kennebec, Monalisa or Spunta and if you want to give an original touch to your mashed potatoes you can use the purple variety Vitelotte. Just look at the label on the bags or ask your greengrocer directly for these varieties and he will tell you which ones they are. You have to take into account that to elaborate the mashed potato it is not interesting that the potato is neither new nor excessively aged.

You can freeze the potato pie with meat.

Fried chicken is simply delicious: crispy, full of flavor and ideal for young and old, and we all tend to go crazy for this dish that, in all honesty, we rarely prepare at home. But why, its preparation is simpler than you think and with the right dressing you will get a chicken dish that can compete with any restaurant. If your mouth is already starting to water, then read on and find out how to make fried chicken and delight everyone.

Wondering what the secret is to the fried chicken you eat in restaurants? The reason why its flavor is so delicious lies in the dressing with which it is prepared and marinated, and is that the right combination of spices will make this dish look amazing and even better than any restaurant.To begin acquire a previously cut chicken for frying, this way you will save the work of cutting it at home.

In a shallow dish mix all the ingredients to marinate your fried chicken: salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, curry and spices to taste such as oregano or thyme. If you want a slightly spicy flavor, add a teaspoon of hot bell pepper. Then pass all the chicken pieces through the dressing so that it covers it completely, place the pieces on a clean plate, cover with cling film or transparent paper and place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, the more time the chicken spices are used, the better it will taste.