Is Ortiz tuna sustainable?

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* Guarantee transparency in its operations with the presence of independent observers in 100% of its operations, carry out 100% of transshipments in ports designated by the different Regional Fisheries Organizations, and obtain external certification of its chain of custody.

* Eliminate the use of FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) in purse seine fishing and implement measures for the release of vulnerable marine species that have been caught.

* Provide consumers with the necessary information to make an informed choice on the sustainability of the product to be consumed by including in the labeling the fishing method, the scientific name of the species and the area of capture.

They are used in purse seine fishing and are a very unselective fishing method. They can range from simple floating logs to buoys with locating systems. Both tuna and other marine animals aggregate around these floating objects, which in turn are trapped in the nets.

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The canned white tuna is made with fresh fish from the Cantabrian fish markets, selecting, in the auctions that are held daily after the arrival of the fleets to port, the ideal pieces. The ideal weight of each piece is about 10 kilos.

The most appreciated part of the white tuna for canning is the belly, although we can use the loin and other high quality pieces for canning. The coating can be natural, olive oil or vegetable oil. The canneries clearly highlight the term BONITO DEL NORTE on their labels, as well as the areas of capture and coverage as a claim.

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Canned frigate tuna, delicatessen from Industrial Conservera de Tarifa

The following were cited by several delegations as examples of progress: a) an institutional agreement establishing a body or structure to carry out the management of the area; b) a series of functions required to achieve its management objectives; and d) a constitutive instrument specifying the terms of cooperation for the participating States, the regional economic integration organization or the fishing entity.

Specific examples of progress, cited by several delegations, included the following: the adoption of the Convention on the Conservation and Management of High Seas Resources in the South Pacific Ocean (November 2009); the adoption of the FAO International Guidelines on Deep-Sea Fisheries in the High Seas (August 2008); FAO’s work on bycatch management and reduction of discards; increased geographical and species coverage of regional fisheries management organizations and arrangements; efforts to implement General Assembly resolution 61/105; and good practices such as the joint meeting of the